Here is a complete list of approved classes, when choosing a class is advised to look ahead at least to Level 3, and take a look at the archetypes available to your class.

Any sub/class with a * by its name, is unearthed arcana, and as such it is subject to change should WOTC decide to release it as official content.

Any sub/class with a ^ by its name, is homebrew, and as such it is subject to change should we deiscound during play that it is unbalanced.

Any sub/class that says it has a condition, such as the Battlerager being Dwarf only, I am willing to make an exception provided there is a story reason, perhaps your character grew up around dwarves, or was trained by dwarves. While I recognise WOTC have removed such conditions from these subclasses, I feel they add something to the world and lore, so have opted to keep the restrictions in.

College of Comedy^

College of Creation

College of The Dirge Singer*

College of Eloquence

College of Glamour

College of Lore

College of The Maestro*

College of Spirits

College of Swords

College of Valor

College of Whispers

Mage of Lorehold*

Mage of Silverquill*

Order of The Ghostslayer

Order of The Lycan

Order of The Mutant

Order of The Profane Soul

Circle of Dreams

Circle of The Forged*

Circle of The Land

Circle of The Moon

Circle of The Primeval*

Circle of The Shepherd

Circle of Spores

Circle of Stars

Circle of Wildfire

Ancients Blade^

Dragon Blade^

Shadow Blade^

Way of The Astral Self

Way of The Ascendant Dragon

Way of The Cobalt Soul*

Way of The Drunken Master

Way of The Four Elements

Way of The Kensai

Way of The Living Weapon*

Way of The Long Death

Way of Mercy

Way of The Open Hand

Way of Shadow

Way of The Soul Knife*

Way of The Sun Soul

Creed of The Departed^

Creed of The Siphon^

Creed of Tomes^

Awakened Mind^

Consuming Mind^

Shaper’s Mind^

Transcended Mind^

Unleashed Mind^

Wandering Mind^

Journey of Harmony^

Journey of Wrath^

The Archfey

The Celestial

The Fathomless

The Fiend

The Genie

The Great Old One

The Hexblade

The Kraken*

The Lord of Pain^

The Undead

The Undying

Mage of Lorehold*

Mage of Silverquill*

Mage of Witherbloom*

Black Magic^

White Magic^

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