This man made “Island” was constructed after people arrived on this island by artificers and technowizards. Despite being refered to as an island, it is made of steel and floats around the ocean like a ship.
Here technology is common and magic is muted. The entire island is covered by a Mythal that has an antimagic field woven into the shield.
Though the use of magic can be returned to you on a case by case basis.

Player races settled on Creastiinta – Aetherborn, Changeling, Dwarf (Kaladesh), Elf (Joraga, Sea, Tajuru, Vahadar), Genasi (Water), Goblin (Ravnica), Gnome (Rock), Half-Elf (Aquatic, Keen Sense), Human (Variant), Kor, Merfolk (Ula), Simic Hybrid, Tiefling (All Variants), Triton, Vedalken (Both Variants), Warforged


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