When all else fails, an adventurer can turn to an honest trade to earn a living. Taking on a job requires one work week of work.

To determine how much money a character earns, the character makes an ability check: Strength (Athletics), Intelligence with a set of tools, Charisma (Performance), or Charisma with a musical instrument.

Wages Check –
9 or less = 2 SP
10 – 14 = 1 GP
15 – 20 = 2 GP
21+ = 27 gp

Work is rarely filled with enough complications to alter a character’s life significantly. Still, the Work Complications table can add some difficulties to a worker’s life. There is a 10 percent chance per workweek that a character encounters a complication.

d6Work Complications
1A difficult customer or a fight with a coworker reduces the lifestyle you earn by one category. (-1 GP)
2Your employer’s financial difficulties result in your not being paid.
3A coworker with ties to an important family in town takes a dislike to you.
4Your employer is involved with a dark cult or a criminal enterprise
5The local crime ring targets your business for a shakedown.
6You gain a reputation for laziness (unjust or not, your choice), giving you disadvantage on checks made for this downtime activity for 30 days.



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