Games of chance are a way to make a fortune, but perhaps a better way to lose one.
This activity requires one work week of effort from a character, plus the character must risk at least 100 gp, to a maximum of 1,000 gp.

The player must make a series of checks, with a DC determined at random based on the quality of the opposition that the character runs into. Part of the risk of gambling is that you never know who might end up sitting across the table from you.

The character makes three checks: Wisdom (Insight), Charisma (Deception), and Charisma (Intimidation). The DC is 5 + 2d10, generating a separate DC for each check.

Gambling Results –
0 successes – Lose all the money you bet, plus accrue a debt equal to that amount.
1 success = Lose half the money you bet.
2 successes = Gain one-and-a-half times the amount you bet.
3 successes = Gain double the amount you bet.

Gambling tends to draw a variety of unsavory characters. The potential complications involved in it come from run-ins with the law and various criminals tied to it. There is a 50% chance that one of these complications will arise.

d8Gambling Complications
1You are accused of cheating. You decide whether you actually did or were framed.
2The town guard raids the gambling hall and throws you in jail.
3You accrue a debt during the game, one that your opponent insists you pay by taking on a task .
4A noble in town loses badly to you and loudly vows to get revenge
5You won a sum from a low-ranking member of a thieves’ guild, and the guild wants its money back.
6A local crime lord insists you start frequenting the lord’s gambling parlor and no others.
7You have a reputation for good luck, leading other gamblers to hound you to team up .
8A high-stakes gambler comes to town and insists that you take part in a game.

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