A great deal of your characters life is going to be spent on down time, that is time when your not there playing them. So here are some options for things to do while your away! Leave a post on this thread with what you want to do. Results will be posted weekly.

Automaton Crafting

The process of crafting sentient constructs or automatons tends to be a fairly complex and lengthy endeavor. In the more advanced gnomish and magical societies, the art of how to craft constructs has been a closely guarded secret for millennia. How you came across such secret arts is up to you, but remember than mechanical constructs following you around will draw a lot of attention.


Fancy making your own potions, weapons and armour. Well we have an in depth crafting system. Check it out.


Games of chance are a way to make a fortune, but perhaps a better way to lose one.
This activity requires one work week of effort from a character, plus the character must risk at least 100 gp, to a maximum of 1,000 gp.


Another option is you can hire yourself out as an Adventurer to other players. This activity can be done at the same time as another downtime activity.
Post an ad selling yourself as a viable option in the related forum.
A hireling will get an equal share of all loot (unless negotiated otherwise) and experience. However there is the risk that your character will die while being hired out, so this is a risky business, in addition your potions may get used, items may get broken and other such things that can occur over the course of a session. However in an attempt to minimise any loss the GM will be the one playing your character.

Pit Fighting

This downtime activity covers boxing, wrestling, and other nonlethal forms of combat.
This activity requires one work week of effort from a character, and earns between 0 and 200 GP.

Refining Ores

Sometimes you may come across raw ores, you can refine 10 units of ore in 1 week of downtime. This does not cost anything, but it does consume time.


Sometimes, the best thing a character can do between adventures is relax. Whether a character wants a hard-earned vacation or needs to recover from injuries, this is the ideal option for adventurers who need a break.

Relaxation requires one week. You need to stay at home, at an inn, or in some other location that affords rest.

While relaxing, you gain advantage on saving throws to recover from long-term diseases and poisons. In addition, at the end of the week, you can end one effect that prevents you from regaining hit points or restore one ability score that has been reduced to below its normal value, unless the harmful effect is caused by a spell or other magical effect with an ongoing duration


Forewarned is forearmed. The research activity allows a character to delve into lore concerning a monster, location, magic item, or some other topic. Additionally this time may be used to understand two spells better so that you may merge them into a new one.

Selling a Magic Item

Selling a magic item is by no means an easy task. Con artists and thieves are always looking out for an easy score, and there’s no guarantee that a character will receive a good offer even if a legitimate buyer is found.


Given enough free time and the services of an instructor, a character can learn a language, pick up proficiency, raise an ability score or learn a feat.


When all else fails, an adventurer can turn to an honest trade to earn a living. Taking on a job requires one work week of work.

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