Selling A Magic Item

Selling a magic item is by no means an easy task. Con artists and thieves are always looking out for an easy score, and there’s no guarantee that a character will receive a good offer even if a legitimate buyer is found.

Finding a buyer for one of your magic items requires one work week of work and 100 gp in expenses, spent to spread word of the sale. You must pick one item at a time to sell.

A character who wants to sell an item must make a Charisma (Persuasion) check to determine what kind of offer comes in. The character can always opt to not sell, instead wasting the work week and trying again later.

Magic Item Base Prices
Common = 50 gp
Uncommon = 200 gp
Rare = 2,000 gp
Very rare = 10,000 gp
Legendary = 25,000 gp

Magic Item Offer
1–10 = 50% of base price
11–20 = 100% of base price
21+ = 150% of base price

The greatest risk in selling a magic item lies in attracting thieves, tricksters, and anyone else who wants the item but doesn’t want to pay for it. Other folk might try to undermine a deal in order to bolster their own business or seek to discredit the characters as legitimate sellers. There is a 25% chance of complication.

d8Magic Item Sale Complications
1The characters’ enemies secretly arrange to buy the item to use it against them.
2The item is stolen.
3A rival circulates rumors that the item is a fake.
4A sorcerer claims the item as birthright and demands the characters hand it over .
5The item’s previous owner, or surviving allies, vow to retake it by force.
6The buyer is murdered before the sale .
7The buyer’s sinister reputation makes it clear the item will be used to commit evil.
8The item is a lost relic belonging to a holy order.