Assassins Guild

The Assassins Guild, is made up of remnants of House Dimir, The Nighthawks, and various other shady organisations.
They exist for a sole purpose to protect their members from the law, the citizenry, and rival criminals. Noone knows where they are based nor how many members there are, at least not anyone who is going to tell you.
Contacting them is a secret known to only a few, you must go to the temple of death and leave a note as well as a satchel containing something worth 100gp, then if you are lucky a representative will find you within 7 days.
One thing that is common knowledge though, is that to assassinate someone without their permission will always result in you recieving a visit sooner or later.

Associated Classes: Bards, Fighters, Rogues
Associated Skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Insight, Perception, Performance, Sleight of Hand, Stealth.

Membership Fee: 100 gp

Members must keep all details of the guild secret from nonmembers. They must avoid killing anyone the guild has declared off limits (usually because he poses too great a risk of drawing attention). A member is not required to take every job the guild asks her to perform, but she should have a good reason for refusing. She must obtain guild permission before undertaking any large criminal endeavor. Finally, she must pay to the guild 15% of all profits made from criminal activities, on top of her monthly dues.

Guild Benefits:
Recruit – The guild provides access to the black market and stolen goods. A member can obtain many goods for a discount, in any city where the guild maintains a presence. See the Guild store for more information. To obtain this rank you must pay the membership fee and assassinate a specific target (of CR5).

Additional Ranks to Come.

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