Pit Fighting*

This downtime activity covers boxing, wrestling, and other nonlethal forms of combat.
This activity requires one work week of effort from a character.

The character must make a series of checks, with a DC determined at random based on the quality of the opposition that the character runs into.
The challenge in pit fighting lies in the mystery of your opponents. The character makes three checks: Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), and Wisdom (Insight). The DC is 5 + 2d10, generating a separate DC for each check.

Pit Fighting Results –
0 successes Lose your bouts, earning nothing.
1 success = Win 50 gp.
2 successes = Win 100 gp.
3 successes = Win 200 gp.

Characters involved in pit fighting must deal with their opponents, the folk who bet on matches, and with the matches’ promoters. For every win, there is a 25% chance a complication will arise.

1 A rival fighter swears to take revenge on you.
2A crime boss approaches you and offers to pay you to intentionally lose a few matches.
3You defeat a popular local champion, drawing the crowd’s ire.
4You defeat a noble’s servant, drawing the wrath of the noble’s house.
5You are accused of cheating. Whether the allegation is true or not, your reputation is tarnished.
6You accidentally deliver a near-fatal wound to a foe.
7A noble approaches you with an offer to join a stable of pit fighters
8A new fighter in town feuds with you, calling you out in public and demanding a match.

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