Welcome to the home page for our game of Westmarch D&D 5e.

Please have a look around, and make an account if you decide you are playing 🙂

Once you have created a character, go to the forum post in Characters, and let us know a bit about yourself.
Then head on over to scheduling or the facebook group, and schedule yourself a session!

It is worth noting that we are using a great deal of unearthed arcana’s, and homebrew. Any of the unearthed arcana information is subject to change, should Wizards release an official or updated version of the information. (such as how the Artificer was unearthed arcana but now is part of the ebberon supplement).
Additionally anything homebrewed, is subject to change down the line on an as needed basis, but if this happens and it causes your character to stop functioning as they should we can discuss a solution that is fair to both you and others.
Anything with a * by the name is Unearthed Arcana and ^ means Homebrew. (note not all pages yet have this signifier, but I will be adding it. For the mean time keep an eye on the source posted below the content.)

The website is still under development, to see what new things have been added head over to Whats New? and see what I have been up to of late.