Unfortunately this campaign has since come to an end.
However some new campaigns are on their way!

It is worth noting that we are using a great deal of unearthed arcana’s, and homebrew. Any of the unearthed arcana information is subject to change, should Wizards release an official or updated version of the information. (such as how the Artificer was unearthed arcana but now is part of the ebberon supplement).

Additionally anything homebrewed, is subject to change down the line on an as needed basis, but if this happens and it causes your character to stop functioning as it should we can discuss a solution that is fair to both you and others.
Anything with a * by the name is Unearthed Arcana and ^ means Homebrew.

Some of the homebrew rules we use are, a variant of the spell point rules, 3.5 attack of opp/withdrawal rules, drinking a potion as a movement, cover provides a percent to miss rather than an AC bonus, multi-archetyping, the ability to convert an action down (action>movement>bonus>free), weapons are closer to 3.5 with some having extended crit range or a larger multiplier, and we gift players 3 grogs of substanial whimsy at level 3, cause they are fun and add some flavour to peoples characters.

Finally I have been working on my own d20 based TTRPG system, and at some point soon that system will be taking centre stage on this website, with the D&D stuff being moved to its own tab.