Sketchbook25 gp2 lb
Medical Supplies30 gp2 lb
Ink Base 5 cp1 oz
Basic Inks
Full Ink Set200 gp1 lb
Individual Colours15 gp1 oz
Specialty Inks
Bestial Ink125 gp1 oz
Detection Ink600 gp1 oz
Elemental Ink150 gp1 oz
Glamour Ink75 gp1 oz
Glow Ink75 gp1 oz
Metallic Ink150 gp1 oz
Mood Ink115 gp1 oz
Prismatic Ink125 gp1 oz
Shifting Ink1,500 gp1 oz
Temporary Ink10 gp1 oz
Three Dimensional Ink350 gp1 oz

One ounce of ink is sufficient to create 1 Large Simple tattoo, 2 Medium Simple tattoos, or 4 Small Simple tattoos. Average tattoos halve this number, and Ornate tattoos quarter it. In order to gain a special effect from a type of ink, the entire tattoo must be made with that type

Contains known tattoo designs. Each design takes up a full page. Sketchbooks have 25 pages.

Medical Supplies
Used for sterilizing tattooist’s tools. Contains enough materials to sterilize up to ten times.

Ink Base
Clear liquid that may be mixed with pigment to form 1 oz of the appropriate color.

Full Ink Set
Contains 1 oz of each color of the basic inks (black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow).

Specialty Inks

It may be possible to aquire rare and unique inks with which one may create tattoos. These inks may have special cosmetic or magical properties.

Bestial Ink
Ink made from the essence of a type of creature. Evokes images of that creature in the minds of those who view the tattoo.

Detection Ink
This specially prepared ink reacts to the presence of certain creatures, and glows faintly when within 100 feet of the creature in question. Each different creature type is a different type of Detection Ink.

Elemental Ink
This ink is purely cosmetic in most circumstances, coming in a variety of elemental styles. Some may make the lines of a tattoo appear to burn like molten lava, while others may cause it to appear as if cool water flows through the lines of the subject’s skin. Certain earth-aligned inks will cause the lines of a tattoo to appear as if they were filled with glimmering gemstones. While this is normally cosmetic, if the appropriate elemental ink is aligned with a specific tattoo, it may amplify the effects of such a tattoo. For example, a tattoo of a fist of the elements would become much stronger if drawn using ice aligned ink.

Glamor Ink
This ink causes lines drawn with it to glitter like a thousand stars. These inks come in a variety of colors.

Tattoos inked with this concoction are pale versions of their colors while in the light, but in dim or dark conditions glow vibrantly with their appropriate color, creating dim light in a radius of 10 feet if the tattoo is uncovered.

Metallic Ink
Tattoos made with this ink make it appear as though the subject has organically-flexible metal inlays imbedded in their skin. These inks come in a variety of flavors, from gold to silver to rusty iron.

Mood Ink
While appearing as plain gray ink in a bottle, once applied to the subject, this ink changes color depending on the subject’s mood.

Anger, IrritationRed
Nervous, FearfulOrange
Surprised, ShockedYellow
Disgusted, RepulsedGreen
Sad, DepressedBlue
Happy, InfatuatedPurple

Prismatic Ink
Appearing to be a swirling mass of rainbow colors while in a bottle, this ink causes lines tattooed with it to become beautiful and iridescent in apperance.

Shifting Ink
Shifting ink is the rarest of all tattoo inks, and allows two tattoos to be placed on the same part of the body. In order for this ink to display its true power, the area to be tattooed must first be prepared with shifting ink. This process requires the same amount of ink as the larger of the two tattoos to be applied. During the application of the first tattoo, the shifting ink reacts with it and it absorbs into the wearer’s skin. The second tattoo may be applied over this. Once this is done, the wearer may choose which tattoo to manifest once per short rest. The time taken to prepare the area with shifting ink is equal to that of the larger tattoo, but there is no associated DC. The tattoos must be applied within three days of the application of the shifting ink, before it loses its potency and binds with only the first tattoo. Artists sometimes risk exhausting themselves trying to complete their work before the shifting ink sets.

Temporary ink
This ink appears as normal black ink, only it is applied on top of the skin with a thin brush. Tattoos made with this ink last up to one week or until they are washed away with water.

Three-Dimensional Ink
This ink comes in the same standard variety of colors as normal ink. However, when applied it creates a stunning effect whereby the design of the tattoo appears to float off of the wearer’s skin and hover above it. The tattoo may also animate slightly, spinning or curling around the area.