This is a list of backgrounds, and the basics of what they give you. HOWEVER, backgrounds also provide a background feature, personality traits and some starting items. These are not listed here yet.

If a background provides you profiency in a skill or tool you already have due to your class, you may replace it with a profiency of the same type of your choice, as profiencies do NOT stack.

Lastly we are rolling for bonds, personality traits and quirks. HOWEVER, when rolling your ideal, reroll if you get one that is against your characters alignment.

AcolyteAny x2PHB127NoneInsight (WIS), Religion (INT)
AnthropologistAny x2ToA191NoneInsight (WIS), Religion (INT)
ArchaeologistAny x1ToA192Choose 1:
cartographer’s tools, navigator’s tools
History (INT), Survival (WIS)
Azorius FunctionaryAny x2GGtR?NoneInsight(WIS), Intimidation (CHA)
Black Fist Double AgentNoneCoS (AL)2Disguise kit, and choose 1: artisan’s tools x1 , gaming set x1Deception (CHA), insight (WIS)
Boros LegionnaireAny x1GGtR?NoneAthletics(STR), Intimidation(CHA)
Caravan SpecialistAny x1EE (AL)2Vehicles (land)Animal handling (WIS), survival (WIS)
Celebrity Adventurer’s ScionAny x2AI?Disguise KitPerception(WIS, Performance(CHA)
CharlatanNonePHB128Disguise kit, forgery kitDeception (CHA), sleight of hand (DEX)
City WatchAny x2SCAG145NoneAthletics (STR), insight (WIS)
Clan CrafterAny x1SCAG145Artisan’s tools x1History (INT), insight (WIS)
Cloistered ScholarAny x2SCAG146NoneHistory (INT), and choose 1: arcana (INT), nature (INT), religion (INT)
Cormanthor RefugeeElvishRoD (AL)5Artisan’s tools x1Nature (INT), survival (WIS)
CourtierAny x2SCAG146NoneInsight (WIS), persuasion (CHA)
CriminalNonePHB129Gaming set x1, thieves’ toolsDeception (CHA), stealth (DEX)
Dimir OperativeAny x1GGtR?Disguise KitDeception(CHA), Stealth (DEX)
Dragon CasualtyDraconicCoS (AL)3Special (See page)Intimidation (CHA), survival (WIS)
Earthspur MinerDwarvish, UndercommonEE (AL)3NoneAthletics (STR), survival (WIS)
EntertainerNonePHB130Disguise kit, musical instrument x1Acrobatics (DEX), performance (CHA)
FacelessAny x1BG:DiA?Disguise KitDeception(CHA), Intimidation(CHA)
Faction AgentAny x2SCAG147NoneInsight (WIS), and choose 1: special (See page)
Failed MerchantAny x1AI?Artisan’s Tool x1Investigation(INT), Persuasion(CHA)
Far TravelerAny x1SCAG148Choose 1: musical instrument x1, gaming set x1Insight (WIS), perception (WIS)
FisherAny x1GoS(AL)?NoneHistory(INT), Survival(WIS)
Folk HeroNonePHB131Artisan’s tools x1, vehicles (land)Animal handling (WIS), survival (WIS)
GamblerAny x1AI?Gaming Set x1Deception(CHA), Insight(WIS)
Gate UrchinNoneRoD (AL)6Musical instrument x1, thieves’ toolsDeception (CHA), sleight of hand (DEX)
Golgari AgentAny x1GGtR?Poisoner’s KitNature(INT), Survival(WIS)
Gruul AnarchAny x1GGtR?Herbalism KitAnimal Handling(WIS), Athletics(STR)
Guild ArtisanAny x1PHB132Artisan’s tools x1Insight (WIS), persuasion (CHA)
Harborfolk None EE (AL) 4 Gaming set x1, vehicles (water) Athletics (STR), sleight of hand (DEX)
Haunted One Exotic x1 CoS 209 None Choose 2: Arcana (INT), investigation (INT), religion (INT), survival (WIS)
Hermit Any x1 PHB 134 Herbalism kit Medicine (WIS), religion (INT)
Hillsfar MerchantNoneRoD (AL)7Vehicles (land), vehicles (water)Insight (WIS), persuasion (CHA)
Hillsfar SmugglerAny x1RoD (AL)8Forgery kitPerception (WIS), stealth (DEX)
House AgentNoneWGESpecial (See page)Investigation (INT), persuasion (CHA)
InheritorNoneSCAG150Gaming set x1, musical instrument x1Survival (WIS), and choose 1: arcana (INT), history (INT), religion (INT)
InitiateNonePS:A8Gaming set x1, vehicles (land)Athletics (STR), intimidation (CHA)
InquisitorNonePS:In12Artisan’s tools x1, thieves’ toolsInvestigation (INT), religion (INT)
Iron Route BanditNoneCoS (AL)5Gaming set x1, vehicles (land)Animal handling (WIS), stealth (DEX)
Izzet EngineerAny x1GGtRArtisan’s tools x1Arcana(INT), Investigation(INT)
Knight of the OrderAny x1SCAG151Choose 1: gaming set x1, musical instrument x1Persuasion (CHA), and choose 1: special (See page)
MarineNoneGoS(AL)?Vehicles (Water, Land)Athletics(STR), Survival(WIS)
Mercenary VeteranNoneSCAG152Gaming set x1, vehicles (land)Athletics (STR), persuasion (CHA)
Mulmaster AristocratNoneEE (AL)5Artisan’s tools x1, musical instrument x1Deception (CHA), performance (CHA)
NobleAny x1PHB135Gaming set x1History (INT), persuasion (CHA)
Orzhov RepresentativeAny x2GGtR?NoneIntimidation(CHA), Religion(INT)
OutlanderAny x1PHB136Musical instrument x1Athletics (STR), survival (WIS)
Phlan InsurgentNoneCoS (AL)6Artisan’s tools x1, vehicles (land)Stealth (DEX), survival (WIS)
Phlan RefugeeAny x1EE (AL)6Artisan’s tools x1Athletics (STR), insight (WIS)
PlaintiffAny x1AI?Artisan’s tools x1Medicine(WIS), Persuasion(CHA)
Rakdos CultistAny x1GGtR?Musical Instrument x1Acrobatics (DEX), Performance(CHA)
Rival InternAny x1AI?Artisan’s tool x1History(INT), Investigation(INT)
SageAny x2PHB137NoneArcana (INT), history (INT)
SailorNonePHB139Navigator’s tools, vehicles (water)Athletics (STR), perception (WIS)
Secret IdentityNoneRoD (AL)9Disguise kit, forgery kitDeception (CHA), stealth (DEX)
Selesnya InitiateAny x1GGtR?Artisan’s tool x1 OR Instrument x1Nature(INT), Persuasion(CHA)
Shade FanaticNethereseRoD (AL)10Forgery kitDeception (CHA), intimidation (CHA)
ShipwrightNoneGoS (AL)?Carpenter’s Tools, Vehicles (water)History(INT), Perception(WIS)
Simic ScientistAny x2GGtR?NoneArcana(INT), Medicine(WIS)
SmugglerNoneGoS (AL)?Vehicles (water)Athletics(STR), Deception(CHA)
SoldierNonePHB140Gaming set x1, vehicles (land)Athletics (STR), intimidation (CHA)
Stojanow PrisonerNoneCoS (AL)8Gaming set x1, thieves’ toolsDeception (CHA), perception (WIS)
Trade SheriffElvishRoD (AL)11Thieves’ toolsInvestigation (INT), persuasion (CHA)
Urban Bounty HunterNoneSCAG153Choose 2: gaming set x1,musical instrument x1 , thieves’ toolsChoose 2: deception (CHA), insight (WIS), persuasion (CHA), stealth (DEX)
UrchinNonePHB141Disguise kit, thieves’ toolsSleight of hand (DEX), stealth (DEX)
Uthgardt Tribe MemberAny x1SCAG153Choose 1: artisan’s tools x1, musical instrument x1Athletics (STR), survival (WIS)
VizierNonePS:A10Artisan’s tools x1, musical instrument x1History (INT), religion (INT)
Waterdhavian NobleAny x1SCAG154Choose 1: gaming set x1, musical instrument x1History (INT), persuasion (CHA)

Homebrew Backgrounds

Reincarnated2 of your choice in any combination.*Any 2*
*Selected from those known by your previous character


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