Axilaayin, a land of rich jungles, roaring rivers and dinosaurs, here the wilds are untamed and for the most part unexplored. For it is dangerous to go out into the jungle.

Map of Axilaayin

Here in the capital Asilo is where the Guild of Explorers is based, and here is where our journey begins.

Map of Asilo (imagine big stone walls around the outside)

Player races settled in Axilaayin – Aven (Hawk Variant), Dragonborn (Black, Brass, Bronze, & Green), Dwarf (Hill), Elf (Dark, Grugach, Joraga, Mul Daya), Firbolg, Genasi (Earth), Goblin, Grung, Half-Elf (Drow, Keen Sense, & Wood), Kobold, Kor, Lizardfolk, Locathah, Merfolk (All Variants), Shifter, Siren, Tabaxi, Tiefling (All Variants), Tortle, Triton, Verdan, & Viashino.


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