The Custom Warehouse

Welcome! Here you have found a place where any* item can be requested!
Simply request an item below, and a you shall be given a quote (alternatively contact Jarris). You may only request a single item at a time. The rarer the item the longer it will take naturally.

Once an item has been ordered once, its price will be added to this page, so others can see what to expect. Know we are somewhat more expensive than your average shop, but thats the cost for getting what you want.

*no, very rare items, legendary items or artifacts

ItemCostWait TimeAttunement
Ring of Spellstoring7,200 gp5 weeksYes
Amulet of Health8,000 gp5 weeksYes
Staff of Healing9,600 gp5 weeksYes

07/07/20 – Smith ordered Ring of Spellstoring. – Completion date 11/08/20
07/07/20 – Nissa ordered Amulet of Health. – Completion date 11/08/20
09/07/20 – Mordha ordered Staff of Healing. – Completion date 11/08/20

Additionally The Custom Warehouse, also sell ANY mundane item, made from the materials found in modular crafting.
For Weapons, it costs, the price of the weapon + 8x the listed value of the material being used.
For Armor, it costs, the price of the armor + 12x the listed value of the material.
For Other things, such as ammo or rings, it costs, the price of the item, + 4x the listed value of the material.

These items do not require a waiting time, they are able to be purchased on the spot.
Listed Value means the price listed on the modular crafting page, ie what you can sell it for.

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