Here is the simplified page on the Guild Stores.

Guild stores stock magic items of Common or Uncommon rarity.
You must be a member of the guild to buy from them.
The costs are listed in the Discerning Merchants Price Guide, with these modifications.

Rank 1 – 50% increase on cost.
Rank 2 – 25% increase on cost.
Rank 3 – Price as listed.
Rank 4 – 10% discount on price.
Rank 5 – 25% discount on price.

The Knights of The Silver Sword:
This guild stocks any weapon, armour or shield of common or uncommon rarity.

The House of Gond:
This guild stocks any ring or wonderous item of common or uncommon rarity.

The Assembly:
This guild stocks any potion, rod, scroll, staff or wand of common or uncommon rarity.

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