Harvesting Minerals^


Minerals are earthen materials used for making armor, weapons, and when using exotic materials, those pieces of gear gain special qualities.

To extract minerals, a character must use a miner’s pick and make a Strength (athletics) check. The DC for extracting ores is always 15. On a success, the character collects a number of ore units equal to 2d4 + its Constitution modifier (minimum 1 unit).

If needed, the character must make an Intelligence (Nature) check first to find a vein or a place where the ores are. If the vein is already defined then it is of the mineral type defined, if not then roll on this table

1Area Relevant
12Asmoroch Steel
13Cold Iron
14Dark Steel
16Infernal Steel
20Stellar Iron

Minerals mined are in their ore form, and are worth half the amount listed below. to get the full price you must refine it. You may refine minerals as a downtime activity, at a rate of 10 ores per week.


Any mineral without a description for its use, has no special properties, but you may still use it to replace the metal in anything you build. This will effect the items value and appearance.


A shiny black metal, known as one of the hardest substances in existence.

Unit value: 250 gp.

Armor: Used to craft armor with critical immunity.

Weapon: When you hit an object with an adamantine weapon or piece of ammunition, the hit is a critical hit.


A black scorched-like metal which is cold to touch.

Unit value: 500 gp

Armor: Used to craft armor with necrotic resistance AND radiant vulnerability (metallic armor only)

Weapon: Used to craft necrotic damage dealing weapons.


A yellow-ish metal that somewhat resembles gold.

Unit Value: 3 sp


A red-ish brown metal.

Unit Value: 4 sp


This iron is worked entirely while cold, known for its effectiveness against fey and demonic creatures.

Unit value: 100 gp

Weapons: When you hit a fey or a fiend with a cold iron weapon, you can roll the damage again and use either result.


This well-known pure metal has a distinctive pinkish sheen.

Unit value: 5 sp


A darkened blue metal that only forms in areas affected by thunderstorms, known for having that energy inside of it.

Unit value: 250 gp.

Armor: Used to craft armor with lightning resistance AND thunder vulnerability (metallic armor only).

Weapons: Used to craft lightning damage dealing weapons.

Other: Used to craft lightning damage dealing magic items, such as the wand of lightning bolt.


This marble-like ore is used by dwarves to create their ceremonial armor for the defenders of their cities, even though is heavier and bulkier than other metallic armors.

Unit value: 500 gp

Armor: Used to craft +2 armor, with stealth disadvantage.


A natural alloy of silver and gold.

Unit Value: 25 gp


This well-known pure metal is the softest of workable metallic substances.

Unit Value: 50 gp


A blood red metal found in the infernal planes which is very resistant and captures the hot and flames.

Unit value: 750 gp

Armor: Used to craft armor with fire resistance AND cold vulnerability (metallic armor only).

Weapon: Used to craft fire damage dealing weapons.

Other: Used to craft fire damage dealing magic items, such as the staff of fire.


Iron is a silver-white malleable metal that readily rusts in moist air, occurs native in meteorites and combined in most igneous rocks. It is the most used of metals.

Unit Value: 1 sp


Lead is a heavy, grey, soft, malleable, metal.

Unit Value: 2 sp


This white-silver metal is lighter and flexible than common steel.

Unit value: 250 gp

Armor: When used to craft armor, remove the stealth disadvantage and strength requirement.

Weapon: Two handed weapons made with mithral lose the heavy property and all the other weapons gain the light feature.


A rare, super-dense mineral used amplify energy.

Unit Value: 1000 gp

Weapon: Weapons made with Nahqadah that deal energy damage, deal an additional die of that damage type.

Other: Items made with Nahqadah, allow you to reroll 1’s and 2’s on damage rolls of energy dealing spells and abilities. However if you choose to reroll you must take the result.


This bronze orange metal is used to absorb the essence of magic.

Unit value: 500 gp

Armor: Used to craft armor that gives force resistance AND psychic vulnerability (metallic armor only).

Other: Used to craft anti-magic items, such as the ring of mind shielding.


This ancient mossy-like metal has small spores floating around it.

Unit value: 250 gp

Weapon: Used to craft poison damage dealing weapons.

Other: Used to craft poison damage dealing magic items, such as the staff of the adder.


This light gray metal with very slight bluish tinge is strong, difficult to melt, and resistant to most chemicals.

Unit Value: 500 gp


This relatively common valuable metal is the most associated with and suitable for magic.

Unit Value: 5 gp


Steel is an alloy made out of Iron and Carbon.

Unit Value: 4 gp


A white bright metal, soft on touch but very resistant, known for being used by celestial beings.

Unit value: 750 gp

Armor: Used to craft armor with radiant resistance AND necrotic vulnerability.

Weapon: Used to craft radiant damage dealing weapons.


A soft, silvery-white metal that is often combined with other metals or used as a layer to protect various metals.

Unit Value: 3 sp


Unit Value: 1000 gp

Armor: Armor built with Uru, provides you resistance to magic.

Weapon: When wielding a weapon made from Uru, whenever a source of magic hits you (including psionics or magic weapons), you gain 1 energy charge. Then can unleash charges on your enemies as part of an attack action. each charge adds 1d8 of the associated energy to the attack. (healing is radiant, can hold as many charges as your level)


Unit Value: 1000 gp

Armor: Used to craft armor that gives resistance to bludgeoning and slashing AND vulnerable to piercing

Weapon: Used to increase the crit range of a weapon by 1.

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