The House of Gond

The inventors Guild, also known as the House of Gond is made up of those who excel at crafting magic items and are the lead inventors. They are made up of the remnants of dwarven clans, the Izzet League and other such groups.

They are based in Creastiinta, and are responsible for its creation.

Associated Classes: Artificer, Monk, and Wizard
Associated Skills: Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature, Religion and Survival

Membership Fee: 100 gp

Duties: This guild makes most of its money from selling magical items, these items require special ingredients. Occasionally the guild may ask you to source a particular part, or essence and they expect you to obtain this for them. Or they may ask you to craft a particular item that has been comissoned by a wealthy customer, again here they expect that you will oblige, you will of course be entitled to a percent of the profits from the sale of this item. Finally if you invent something new while a member of the guild, must share the blueprint with the guild.

Rank 1 – Recruit
You gain the ability to purchase goods from the guild store. To achieve this rank you must pay the membership fee, and kill a creature with a CR of 5 or higher, then harvest parts from it, a full creature worth of parts are required to gain membership.

Rank 2 – Apprentice

Additional Ranks to Come.

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