Volante is a bustling market place, selling wares from across the world. It is the home of the Merchants Guild, and is infact owned by them. With access to every known city around the globe, they surely have the most impressive collection of goods found anywhere.
Though be careful when your there, for this is also home to the Guild of Thieves, and its not unheard of for people to fall of the edge to plummet to their deaths, as the city is built on top of a collection of mountains that have been ripped from the earth, turned upside and now float in the sky.

Player races settled in Volante – Aven (Hawk Variant), Changling, Dwarf (Kaladesh), Elf (Avariel, Shadar-kai), Genasi (Air), Human (Variant), Merfolk (Cosi), Tiefling (All Variants), Verdan.

Volante, the flying merchant city.


Image – https://www.deviantart.com/artandjoy/art/Flying-City-429861851