Guilds will often offer loans to their members, but what if your not a member of a guild that does this? or what if you need a larger sum of money.
Well then Loansharks are the option left to you!
(This information will be rewritten and dispered to more relevant pages, as I have the time, but for now, here are the basics.)

There are currently 3 different people offering loans.

A minor nobleman offering loans of up to 1000 GP, repayments are to be made monthly with a minimum of 50 gp per payment. He has a 5% fixed interest fee on his loans. So if you borrow 100, you will repay 1050 gp. Failure to repay results in a visit from his personal guard, with a sternly worded letter given to the guild about you.

A rather dodgy looking fellow, down at the pub appears to be offerings loans of up to 5,000 gp (best not to think about where the money came from.), He wants it payed back monthly with a minimum of 200 gp per payment. However he has a 10% interest rate, applied to the remaining debt (after payment) each month. So the longer you take to pay it back, the more you have to pay back. Failure to repay your debt, results in thugs and mercenaries arriving at your door.

An extremely pale lady in fine clothing is also known to be offering loans of up to 10,000 gp. She wants it repayed monthly with a minimum payment of 500 gp. She has the steepest interest rate, fixed at 20%. Failure to repay, by either death or lack of funds, results in your soul becoming her property, until she deems your debt repayed.

Please comment on the Players page with your name, should you take out a loan. (include the date). This page can also be found under “profile”