A great unknown power came towards Ravnica, what it was could not be determined, but its power and intention was clear. It sought to wipe out the entire plane, and had the power to do so.
The most powerful mages combined their power to attempt to slow its arrival, while a single man cloaked in black arrived and created multiple large portals for the people of Ravnica.
The people fled through this portal to a strange new world.
Not 1/100,000 have arrived on the other side yet, however it appears that the portal was unstable, as someone who stepped through just before you may have arrived 2 years before you! or could even have arrived after you, and the people appeared on all different parts of this world. It has been 50 years since the first soul arrived on this world. Upon arriving they found other peope, people from every different dimension, who all had the same story to tell of a nameless threat.

Since arriving a few guilds have formed, some kingdoms have been born and people are beginning to prosper. However the land is still mostly foreign to them and is largely unexplored. So one group of people who have aptly named themselves the Guild of Explorers has formed with the goal of discovering the secrets this world holds and mapping the land.

The weave is stronger here, and many found themselves with the sudden ability to cast basic spells.
Though it for an unknown reason the passage of time appears to be random. Mages have created miniature Mythallars that are placed in towns to combat this, when one is placed a space around the crystal (size of the ring depends on power of the crystal) becomes shielded from whatever is causing time to pass chaoticly, so that time passes as it should. (in the cities, time in game passes at the same rate as real life)