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      Calling all guild members!
      There shall be a tourney coming up soon. (date to come)

      All contestants will be level adjusted to 10th level for the duration.
      All whimsy effects will be disabled for the duration.
      All PLAYER, health totals will be doubled for the duration. (this does not include temporary hit points, or those of any forms you may take)
      Everyone will be given the cunning action feature for the duration, those who already have it may perform it once per turn as a free action.

      As normal potions use a movement to drink, and an action may be traded in for one of lesser quality action>movement>bonus>free.

      Combat is considered to have begun, as soon as two players can both see each other, or one deals damage to the other. Combat is considered over, once the players have been in a different sectors for at least 3 rounds.

      There is a sheet provided that lists the slots you may equip with items. No additional gear shall be allowed in, other than a backpack that will be provided to each contestent on entry.
      Loot crates will be located around the map to provide you with any additional gear you may want.

      All contestants will be protected from death, so worry not about killing your friends.

      A knock out will be worth 10 points, HOWEVER points will be awarded fairly based on damage dealt to the player. So doing 3 damage to cherry pick, does not give you the full 10 points, and doing 100 damage to someone before they then get away is not the end of the world. Your contribution has been noted (unless they heal up!).
      The last man standing will earn themselves an additional 30 points.

      Be aware, you will find you are not alone, as the arena will be populated with an array of terrifying beasts, and devious traps!

      Prizes will go out the the top 3 placements. (to be announced)
      Additionally any who score at least 10 points will advance a rank in the guild.




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