The Knights of the Silver Sword

The Guild of Explorers, also known as the Knights of the Silver Sword were formed upon coming to this world, from the remnants of the elite band of rangers and fighters in Shaundakul’s service, as well as the remnants of the elite warrior bards in Oghma’s service, They have the goal of mapping this world and discovering its secrets.

As a new recruit, the guild will first put you through trials, each designed to test your abilities. You will be tested on your combat skill, your decision making and your ability to solve puzzles, at the end of these there will be a final test, before this final test you will recieve 300 gp.
By the end of this test you will be level 3.
Once you have passed you will be given a grade, as well as a welcome package.

This package will include;

A key to a bedroom in the guidhall.

A Guild signet which allows travel to and from your quarters at the Guildhall. Activating this portal will take a round, and travel in either direction will also take a round, the portal will stay open until either you close it, or you travel back through it. Additionally the signet allows for communication between the guild and the bearer, messages sent are delayed by 15 minutes.

3 Vials of a frothy semi-clear amber liquid, known as the grog of substanial whimsy. (speak to GM about taking these).

and, 3 potions of healing.

In exchange for this signet and the bedroom, the guild will take 10% of all treasure found on your adventures.

The guild also will from time to time post jobs, check here for these. When undertaking a job given by the guild you will be given 3 potions of healing, however from such jobs the guild will take 20% of your earnings instead of the usual 10%.

A player may choose to leave the guild and set out on their own, they are welcome to do so, but upon choosing this course of action, their signet will deactivate and the lock to their room will be changed.


Rank 1 – Recruit

Achieving this rank means you have gained the starter pack, you are level 3 and you are playing the game!

Rank 2 – Explorer

To advance to this rank you must have sailed to a new continent, you must also have a higher ranked guild member witness this journey, to verify you achieved this. Then you must pay a ranking fee of 500gp.
Completing this test provides you a 5% discount on items at the guild store “The Tenth Ring“, and you will be granted partial access to the guilds portal room, which has the ability to transport you to the capital city on many different continents. You will be able to get transported to Tristete and Croiglas, for 1,000GP.

Rank 3 – Adventurer

To advance to this rank you must – (Info to come. (KEYWORD))
Achieving this rank will give you a total of a 10% discount at “The Tenth Ring“, and you may now portal to Thrylos, Parvat and Kaltheim. You may also choose to set a second location for your signet to portal too, in addition to your bedroom.

Rank 4 – Master Explorer

To Advance to this rank you must – Info to come. (KEYWORD)
Achieving this rank, gives you a total of 20% discount at “The Tenth Ring“, as well as access to some of their rarer items. You may now also portal to Kowaretatochi, Wahah and (name to come). You portal fee is reduced to 500gp.

Rank 5 – Wayfarer

To Advance to this rank you must – Info to come. (KEYWORD)
Achieving this rank, gives you access to all portal locations the guild knows of, and may do so for 100gp. You may also take the Prestige class (to be added), if you should so choose. Finally you gain +1 to either Dexterity or Wisdom.

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