Reward Tokens

Sometimes I require a little help, if you fancy providing me with some aid then I shall reward you with tokens to be spent in this shop.

For pointing out a mistake in the classless, namely spotting a skill should have a prerequisite but doesn’t. You will earn 1 reward token

For pointing out a page that is missing hyperlinks. 1 reward token.

For adding an appropriate image to a page, that was previously missing one. 2 reward tokens.

For adding a missing spell, including information about said spell. Formatted at least mostly correct. 4 reward tokens.

Various other tasks need doing, and the rewards will fit the size of the job.

These tokens can be spent on things found on this page

200 gp1 Token
Potion of Mana1 Token
Lesser Augment Gem2 Tokens
Potion of Greater Mana3 Tokens
Moderate Augment Gem4 Tokens
Potion of Superior Mana5 Tokens
Time Warp +1 week of downtime*5 Tokens
Increase reincarnation race choice +10%5 Tokens
Greater Augment Gem8 Tokens
x2 Potion of Supreme Mana10 Tokens
Unique Mount (cr max 4)1-16 Tokens (each token is worth cr 1/4)
  • Timewarp, only 2 can be used per week. It speeds you up, not the world, so more time isnt actually passing, you are being more productive.

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