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Icarium Galanacia

    I offer 1 (or 2 if they refuse or 3 max if they don’t) essence of malformed kraken to join crafters guild. using my charisma to increase my chances 😉 Also mentioning how much more powerful a beast this is than normally required!

    I’m also now a level two member of the explorer’s guild, giving me 5% discount and something else? what was that?

    I also spend this week merging the spells minor illusion and firebolt. Well they are cantrips. The intention is to be able to throw bolts of flame that may look otherwise, such as balls of ice, lightning, rats, literally anything within reason, yet still causing firebolt damage. Alternatively to be able to freak people out by making it look like i shoot multiple firebolts at once, which may also make them not realise where to dodge, potentially increasing my chances of hitting? Anyway something along those lines is what I’m after.

    Prior to doing this I speak to the mages guild and let them know that I want to join and will be back shortly if I succeed!

    Additionally, I spend some time in my bath at my village to gain extra temp hp for next session 😉 Also I’ll likely have my first village income by the time you reply 🙂

    also 2250 gp from selling my leafweave. giving me now a total of 7700 gp. I write this here simply for my own convenience.