Axilaayin – I4 – Unnamed

Perception/Tracking Result Table


A phoenix was spotted flying into the foot of the mountains by Nissa Bingles, it is believed it roosts there.

The Bandits/Tavern

By the water at the foot of the mountain, along the path to the bridge. A group of 7 Dwarven bandits became friends with Nissa Bingles, and were convinced to give up a life of crime, and to return to farming and bar tending. They are constructing an inn called “The Roywyn Inn” in her honour. They used to be farmers, miners, shop keepers and various other things in Feyrun before coming to this world. So far they have been unable to find any of their friends or family and instead have become each others friends and family. Building is underway. the Tavern will be running on the 30/03/2020.
Kharnik, Barmund, Thelrom, survived. Thorik, Ebrus, Malgrom, Ranman all died. Construction has begun.

Some merfolk came for a friendly fight, zoe gave a game of fistycuffs with Diddot Nom.

Felgolos – Adult bronze dragon moves in nearby. under the mountain connected to the river




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