Axilaayin – H3 – Asilo

Asilo – Capital City

This region is mostly plains and city. Due to being so close to the city this area is patrolled and protected. Roll only non combat encounters.

-You find an arrow stuck in a tree. Wrapped around the arrow is an eloquent love letter, addressed to no one in particular. It does, however, request that you meet its author on a nearby hilltop at dusk.-

-bizarre giant frog with raven wings seen on the mountain-

The Orcshome Caves (Mines, Orcs and Harpies)

Cave system in the north east of the tile, hole broken on the surface with a 30ft drop into the cave system. tunnels head both east and west. 2 hours into the east, there is a good mining spot for Darksteel and another adjacent for mining Plaguesteel. Entrance to old mine found nearby heading down into the mountain, it was here the Harpies were found.

Harpies live in the mountain. 1 flew away then Nissa Bingles killed the other 2. It may come seeking retribution.
Orcs live in the mountain. 2 were killed and 1 made to help dig, then told that he should say the harpies killed his friends, maybe war between orcs and harpies.

Orcs have increased patrols.

At the plaguesteel mine there was a crack that falls down 40ft into darkness where a vampire spawn lay.

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