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    Icarium Galanacia

      Yes capital letters mother fuckers. For we now know that souls are not being delivered to an agreeable location after death. The god of mortality judgement/death or something similiar is gone. Quest with me to help all mortals. Allow me to take the throne and ascend to this responsibility -laden position of divinity and I vow to treat all of you to an eternity of pleasure and perfect peace after you die. I will also be a much fairer god than the previous one, so if you care for the common being, know I’ve got their back.

      IF, such as the nameless lich, you don’t give much a fuck about to welfare of the masses and also need not fear an afterlife, then you will be rewarded significantly if I ascend to such a position. I will offer you souls for your army from those that I deem require such judgement and I will give you access (not complete) to much divine knowledge i garner. We can discuss conditions in more detail (this applies to everyone reading).

      Let’s save mortality from eternal suffering and ascend this lovely charismatic alcoholic elf to the divine being he so deserves (at least in his own mind!)

      I’ll also give 5cp each 😉

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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