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Icarium Galanacia

    Additionally I sell all 12 units of shadowfell linen for 9k gp.

    With this I purchase 2 more defensive walls – 2500gp 15 days.
    a garden – 625gp 7 days.
    another mill – 675gp 7 days.
    another mill -675gp 7 days.
    A library – 625gp 7 days.

    I also hire a hireling that can use my factory to create some robots. It says on the hireling page that they will be 10gp each week. If this is true I’ll keep him/her on as a permanent robot creator!

    That’s 5100gp for the buildings and 10 gp for my robot maker. Leaving me with 3900gp from the linen and as much extra gp as I already possess (no idea, it’s on the program).

    I also discovered that I haven’t accumulated money from my already built buildings as it only occurs every 30 days. It’s probably been 2 weeks. Damn! Thought it was weekly lol.

    Also I have now 5 skeleton servants 🙂