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    Hi there

    Apologies for the slow response, we have been wrapping up a pvp hunger games style tournament, so haven’t had a lot of need to use the website of late.

    I am certainly happy to add another character to the adventure, we do varying levels for roleplay from nothing at all, to doing voices during conversations. But in general, our players are a bit on the shy side in that regard. So instead most of the roleplay elements are in the backstory, character motivations and other such flavor elements.

    It is also worth noting we don’t actually play 100% by the 5e rules. We play a bit of a mix of 5e, 3.5 and homebrew. Because while I love that 5e simplified the mess that was 3.5, we feel that some of their simplifications don’t actually make that much sense. So instead will use rulings that we feel make more sense.

    Obviously I would need to have a chat to you about your character, your availability and other such formalities. But yeah if your interested in playing, might be good to add me on discord so we can have a chat someplace with notifications! 😛
    my username is Specimen1334#3615.