This is info about the Guild of Explorers for Game Masters.

Guild Leader – Head of the guild. 10th level Wizard.

Daymaster – Is second is command of the guild, he runs the day to day.

Nightmaster – Is equally ranked as the daymaster, he runs the guild at nights.

Guild Coffers – 10,000gp

The guild signets are powered by a Mythallar (a giant crystal, that can hold concentration for a caster, its can hold concentration for unlimited spells as it draws magic straight from the weave. These are created by use of a specific 10th level spell) The magic that created the signets was also a 10th level spell.

The guildhall is protected by giant forcefield, created by Lefeber’s Weave Mythal. The key to enter the forcefield is the guild sigil.

The guild trials are where all players begin.