This background can only be taken when you reincarnate a previous character.

To reincarnate you must be at least level 10. You then have a 10% chance of coming back as a random race for every level you are under 20th level. There are 3 variations of reincarnation.

A Blessed Life

It provides 2 skill proficiencies, as well as 2 tool or language proficiencies (or 1 of each), chosen from those that your previous character had.
You also get a supernatural gift of your choice.
(supernatural gifts and epic boons carry over from incarnation to incarnation)


You are returned to life, though not exactly as you left it. Rebirth has made your mind weak, but as you grow more memories return to you.

1st LevelYou gain 1 cantrip, and a vague sense of who you were.
4th LevelYou gain a language and tool proficiency from your previous life. As well as some mundane memories.
7th LevelYou gain a skill proficiency from your previous life. You remember your past lives secrets and things close to their heart.
11th LevelYou gain a second skill proficiency from your previous life. You remember all important moments from your past life.
15th LevelYou gain a spell of your choice from your previous life, you can cast it 1/day as a spell like ability. You gain access to all of your past lives memories, but cannot recall them at will.
18th LevelYou gain 2 more skill or tool proficiencies from your previous life, and all languages. You have mastered accessing your past lives memories.

A Cursed Life

You have been returned a tool, there is a scar on your soul and your life in now in someone elses hands.

You get 3 random skill proficiencies and count as one rank higher for piety, upon maxing your piety, when others would normally get their final perk. you instead get a supernatural gift, as you are rewarded for your service.

For you these spells are always on your spell list.

CantripEldritch Blast, Vicious Mockery, Resistance
1st LevelDivine Favor, False Life, Hellish Rebuke,
2nd LevelAugury, Knock, Prayer of Healing, Moonbeam
3rd LevelCounterspell, Dispel Magic, Bestow Curse
4th LevelCompulsion, Confusion, Deathward
5th LevelCommune, Dominate Person, Modify Memory.

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