You are one of hundreds of refugees that were driven from their homes after the kingdom committed itself toward the genocide of magic. Whether or not you were a magic user, had some small talent, or were simply hunted due to events relative to you, you are seen as filth towards those following the king’s propaganda. Royal guards make it very apparent at every opportunity to harass you, but should you stand up against them, you will shine like a beacon to any seeking light.

Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools, Cook’s utensils
Languages: Dwarvish
Equipment: A two-person tent, artisan’s tools (one of your choice), a set of Cook’s utensils, a set of traveler’s clothes, a belt pouch, 5 gp


You, and many like you, have suffered greatly. You bear a look of constant stress and exhaustion, though some may recognize this expression for its true meaning. Any who recognize your troubles may give you basic essentials, such as a roof for a night, or even useful information. These people are far and between, however, and you are more likely to pick up the attention of party’s associated with magic, for better or worse.

Personality Traits

D8Options For Personality Traits
1I long for a home that never really existed,whether in the camps, Hillsfar, or Myth Drannor.
2Though I am not an elf, I am a fervent, radical worshipper of the elven gods.
3I live in the moment, knowing my life could be turned upside down any day.
4I appreciate beauty in all of its forms.
5I hate the dark elves and the Netherese for each driving the elves out of Cormanthyr in the past.
6I am a forest bumpkin who grew up in a tent in the woods and is wholly ignorant of city life.
7I was raised alongside children of many other races. I harbor no racial prejudices at all.
8The elves have just the right word for so many things that cannot be expressed as well in other languages. I pepper my speech with elven words, phrases, and sayings.


D6Options For Flaw
1I am very uncomfortable indoors and underground.
2I am haughty. I grew up among the elves and emulate them. Other races are crude in comparison.
3Elf this, elf that. I am sick and tired of the elves.
4I am a miser. Having lost everything once before, I clutch my possessions and wealth very tightly.
5I am a moocher. I am so used to others providing for me that I have come to expect everyone to do it.
6I believe the gods have cursed me, my family, and all of the Cormanthor refugees. We are all doomed, doomed I tell you!


D6Options For Ideal
1Patient: The elves have taught me to think and plan for the long-term. (Lawful)
2Rebellious: Governments and politicians drove my family to the camps. I subtly defy authority whenever I think I can get away with it. (Chaotic)
3Self-Absorbed: I’ve had to look out for number one so long that it has become second nature. (Any)
4Wanderlust: I want to see as much of the world beyond the camps as I can. (Any)
5Generous: I give everything I can to help those in need, regardless of who they are. (Good)
6To the Abyss with Them: The people of Hillsfar cast me out. I won’t risk my hide to help them. (Evil)



Adventurers League: Rage of Demons

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