Prerequisite: you have the reincarnated background.


Hit Dice: 1d6
Saving: 2 of your choice.
Skills: 2 of your choice
Misc: you then have 8 tokens to spend on things listed below, everything costs 1 token unless noted otherwise.

Hit Dice upgrade: 1d8, 1d10 (requires 1d8), 1d12 (requires 1d10)

Armor Proficiency: Light (+Bucklers), Medium Armor (+Shields, requires light), Heavy Armor (+Towers, requires medium)

Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Martial Weapons (requires simple), Firearms (requires simple)

A Tool Proficiency (can be taken multiple times)

A Skill Proficiency (can be taken multiple times)


Short Rest Casting – 1 token
+1 spell list – 1 tokens (may be taken multiple times)
Half Caster – 2 tokens (artificer, paladin, ranger, warlock)
Full Caster – 3 tokens (bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, wizard))

When you choose one of these you also pick a free spell list that fits with the type of caster you are, this spell list is added to your own unique “unbound” spell list.
No matter what you choose, you are considered a spontaneous caster but do have a spell book.
If you take full caster AND half caster, you receive combined spell points.
You may choose to have Int, Wis, or Cha be your spellcasting ability for all your spells, regardless of spell list chosen.
You begin knowing a number of spells equal to your spellcasting ability modifier + your level. If you are half caster and full caster you get double.
Any skill that references your spell casting modifier, instead replace the stat listed with the one you have chosen. (only if it relates directly to spell casting, if unsure ask your DM)

Finally any unspent tokens may be converted to points and used to buy features before begining your level 1 purchases. 1 token = 5 points.

After doing this you may begin spending your points as a Level 1 character. See below for information.


As you level you get a number of points equal to 10 x your level (lvl 1 = 10 points, lvl 2 = 20p, lvl 3 = 30p etc, totalling 60 points earned by level 3), to spend on class features. These points can be saved up and spent later, though you may not save more points than what you were awarded at your current level.

Additionally please note that there are some abilities with the same name, but very different effects, for example “avatar of battle” this is both a low level mystic feature, AND a high level cleric feature. Each entry is listed seperately.

You also may only take a feature ONCE, unless it states it may be taken multiple times.

Finally you may respec your character at level up at a cost of 10 points. However the cost of any ability you get cannot be more than you could have saved at this level. (this levels points + last levels points)

Spell Progression Table

LevelHalf Caster Cantrips KnownHalf Caster Max Spell LevelHalf Caster Spell PointsFull Caster Cantrips KnownFull Caster Max Spell LevelFull Caster Spell PointsPsi Points

Skills 3-50

NamePrerequisitePoint CostOriginal ClassRepeat Purchase
Acolyte of Naturenone3Cleric: NatureN
Acolyte of Strengthnone3Cleric: StrengthN
Among The Deadnone3Warlock: UndyingN
Arcane Initiatenone3Cleric: ArcanaN
Awakened Mindnone3Warlock: Great Old OneN
Blessing of Knowledgenone3Cleric: KnowledgeN
Blessing of The Forgenone3Cleric: ForgeN
Blessing of The Tricksternone3Cleric: TrickeryN
Circle of Mortalitynone3Cleric: GraveN
Dark One’s Blessingnone3Warlock: FiendN
Disciple of Lifenone3Cleric: LifeN
Divine MagicSpell Casting3Sorcerer: DivineN
Draconic Ancestornone3Sorcerer: DraconicN
Draconic ResilienceDraconic Ancestor3Sorcerer: DraconicN
Emboldening Bondnone3Cleric: UnityN
Eyes of Nightnone3Cleric: TwilightN
Eyes of The DarkFont of Magic3Sorcerer: ShadowN
Eyes of The Gravenone3Cleric: GraveN
Favored By The Godsnone3Sorcerer: DivineN
Fey Presencenone3Warlock: ArchfeyN
Grasp of The DeepSpell Casting3Warlock: Lurker in The DeepN
Healing Lightnone3Warlock: CelestialN
Hexblade’s Cursenone3Warlock: HexbladeN
Hex WarriorLight Armor, Simple Weapons3Warlock: HexbladeN
Ignitenone3Sorcerer: PhoenixN
Invasive Thoughtsnone3Sorcerer: AberrantN
Language Proficiencynone3AnyN
Mantle of Flamenone3Sorcerer: PhoenixN
Priest of Zealnone3Cleric: ZealN
Psionic SpellsSpell Casting3Sorcerer: AberrantN
Reapernone3Cleric: DeathN
Scion of The Deepnone3Warlock: Lurker in The DeepN
Shield of The Faithfulnone3Cleric: ProtectionN
Shielding Auroranone3Warlock: SeekerN
Solidarity’s Actionnone3Cleric: SolidarityN
Strength of The Gravenone3Sorcerer: ShadowN
Tempestuous MagicSpell Casting3Sorcerer: StormN
Thieves’ Cantnone3RogueN
Tides of ChaosWild Magic Surge3Sorcerer: WildN
Tool Proficiencynone3AnyN
Vigilant Blessingnone3Cleric: TwilightN
Voice of Authoritynone3Cleric: OrderN
War Priestnone3Cleric: WarN
Warding Flamenone3Cleric: AmbitionN
Warding Flarenone3Cleric: LightN
Wild Magic SurgeSpell Casting3Sorcerer: WildN
Wind Speakernone3Sorcerer: WildN
Wrath of the Stormnone3Cleric: TempestN
Armor ModelPower Armor4Artificer: ArmorerN
Battle ReadySimple Weapons4Artificer: Battle SmithN
Born To The Saddlenone4Fighter: CavalierN
Expertise (1st level)none4Bard or RogueN
Halo of Sporesnone4Druid: SporesN
Power ArmorHeavy Armor4Artificer: ArmorerN
Skill Proficiencynone4AnyN
Steel DefenderSmith’s Tools OR Tinker’s Tools4Artificer: Battle SmithN
Symbiotic EntityWild Shape4Druid: SporesN
Unwavering Marknone4Fighter: CavalierN
Arcane RecoverySpell Casting5WizardN
Bardic Inspiration (1d6)Performance5BardN
Blade FlourishBardic Inspiration (1d6)5BardN
Circle FormsWild Shape5Druid: MoonN
Combat Wild ShapeWild Shape5Druid: MoonN
Detect Portalnone5Ranger: Horizon WalkerN
Divine InspirationSpell Casting5Wizard: TheurgyN
Divine Sensenone5PaladinN
Dread Ambushernone5Ranger: Gloom StalkerN
Experimental ElixirAlchemy Supplies5Artificer: AlchemistN
Favoured Enemy (1st Level)none5RangerN
Fighting Stylenone5FighterN
Firearm ProficiencySimple Weapon Proficiency5AnyN
Hands of HarmKi, Martial Arts5Monk: MercyN
Hands of HealingKi, Martial Arts5Monk: MercyN
Heart of FireSpell Casting5Sorcerer: PyromancerN
Heavy Armor ProficiencyMedium Armor Proficiency5AnyN
Hunter’s Sensenone5Ranger: Monster SlayerN
Implements of Mercynone5Monk: MercyN
Lay on Handsnone5PaladinN
Light Armor Proficiencynone5AnyN
Magical TinkeringArtisan’s Tools (any), Spell Casting5ArtificerN
Martial Artsnone5MonkN
Martial Weapon ProficiencySimple Weapon Proficiency5AnyN
Medium Armor ProficiencyLight Armor Proficiency5AnyN
Natural Explorer (1st Level)none5RangerN
Natural RecoverySpell Casting5Druid: LandN
Planar Warriornone5Ranger: Horizon WalkerN
Second Windnone5FighterN
Shield ProficiencyLight Armor Proficiency5AnyN
Simple Weapon Proficiencynone5AnyN
Slayer’s Preynone5Ranger: Monster SlayerN
Sneak Attacknone5RogueN
Song of Rest (1d6)Performance5BardN
Speech of The Woodsnone5Druid: SheperdN
Spirit Totemnone5Druid: SheperdN
Umbral Sightnone5Ranger: Gloom StalkerN
Unarmored Defense (con or wis)none5Barbarian or MonkN
Arcane InitiateDivine Inspiration7Wizard: TheurgyN
Arcanomechanical ArmorSpell Casting7Wizard: InventionN
Channel ArcanaDivine Inspiration7Wizard: TheurgyN
Divine SmiteSpell Casting7PaladinN
Hit Die Upgrade (1d8)none7AnyN
Language Proficiencynone7AnyN
Reckless CastingSpell Casting7Wizard: InventionN
Spell List +1Spell Casting7AnyY
Tools of The Inventornone7Wizard: InventionN
Tool Proficiencynone7AnyN
Channel Divinity Options (Conquest, Devotion, Redemption, Ancients, Crown,Vengeance, or Oathbreaker)Channel Divinity (1/rest)8PaladinY
Combat InspirationBardic Inspiration (1d6)8Bard: ValorN
Cutting WordsBardic Inspiration (1d6)8Bard: LoreN
Drunken TechniqueKi8Monk: Drunken MasterN
Eldritch CannonWoodcarver’s OR Smith’s Tools8Artificer: ArtilleristN
Enthralling PerformancePerformance8Bard: GlamourN
Mantle of InspirationBardic Inspiration (1d6)8Bard: GlamourN
Psychic BladesBardic Inspiration (1d6)8Bard: WhispersN
Soothing Wordsnone8Bard: EloquenceN
Tumbling FoolAcrobatics8Bard: SatireN
Universal SpeechBardic Inspiration (1d6)8Bard: EloquenceN
Words of Terrornone8Bard: WhispersN
Adjust DensitySpell Casting10Wizard: GraviturgyN
Arcane AbjurationChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: ArcanaN
Arcane DeflectionSpell Casting10Wizard: WarN
Arcane WardSpell Casting10Wizard: AbjurationN
Artisan’s BlessingChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: ForgeN
Balm of The Summer Courtnone10Druid: DreamsN
BladesongPerformance, Spell Casting10Wizard: BladesingingN
Bolts From The GraveCunning Action, Sneak Attack10Rogue: RevivedN
Channel Divinity (1/rest)none10ClericN
Charm Animals & PlantsChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: NatureN
Chronal ShiftSpell Casting10Wizard: ChronurgyN
Consuming FervorChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: ZealN
Danger Sensenone10BarbarianN
Destructive WrathChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: TempestN
Ear for Deceitnone10Rogue: InquisitiveN
Extract Namenone10Wizard: OnomancyN
Eye for Detailnone10Rogue: InquisitiveN
Fateful NamingSpell Casting10Wizard: OnomancyN
Feat of StrengthChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: StrengthN
Gravity WellSpell Casting10Wizard: GraviturgyN
Grim HarvestSpell Casting10Wizard: NecromancyN
Guided StrikeChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: WarN
Hit Die Upgrade (1d10)Hit Die Upgrade (1d8)10AnyN
Hypnotic Gazenone10Wizard: EnchantmentN
Improved Minor IllusionSpell Casting10Wizard: IllusionN
Insightful FightingSneak Attack10Rogue: InquisitiveN
Invoke DuplicityChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: AmbitionN
Jack of All TradesNone10BardN
Knowledge of The AgesChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: KnowledgeN
Lore Masternone10Wizard: LoreN
Minor AlchemySpell Casting10Wizard: TransmutationN
Minor ConjurationSpell Casting10Wizard: ConjurationN
Order’s DemandChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: OrderN
Path To The GraveChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: GraveN
Perserve LifeChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: LifeN
Portentnone10Wizard: DiviniationN
Psionic DevotionPsionic Focus10Wizard: PsionicsN
Psionic Focus Spell Casting10Wizard: PsionicsN
Radiance of The DawnChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: LightN
Radiant DefenseChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: ProtectionN
Reckless Attacknone10BarbarianN
Revived Naturenone10Rogue: RevivedN
Sculpt SpellsSpell Casting10Wizard: EvocationN
Shared BurdenChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: UnityN
Spell SecretsSpell Casting10Wizard: LoreN
Tactical Witnone10Wizard: WarN
Temporal Awarenessnone10Wizard: ChronurgyN
Tokens of Past Livesnone10Rogue: RevivedN
Touch of DeathChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: DeathN
Training in War and Songnone10Wizard: BladesingingN
Twilight SanctuaryChannel Divinity (1/rest)10Cleric: TwilightN
Unarmored Movementnone10MonkN
Wild Shapenone10DruidN
Arcane Archer Lorenone15Fighter: Arcane ArcherN
Arcane Shotnone15Fighter: Arcane ArcherN
Combat Superioritynone15Fighter: Battle MasterN
Deflect MissilesKi15MonkN
Divine FuryRage15Barbarian: ZealotN
Divine Healthnone15PaladinN
Fast HandsCunning Action15Rogue: ThiefN
Fancy Footworknone15Rogue: SwashbucklerN
Hunter’s Preynone15Ranger: HunterN
Language Proficiencynone15AnyY
Lingering Magicnone15Barbarian: Wild SoulN
Mage Hand LegerdemainSpell Casting15Rogue: Arcane TricksterN
Master of Intriguenone15Rogue: MastermindN
Master of Tacticsnone15Rogue: MastermindN
Note of PotentialBardic Inspiration (1d6)15Bard: CreationN
Open Hand TechniqueKi15Monk: Open HandN
Path of The KenseiMartial Arts15Monk: KenseiN
Primeval AwarenessSpell Casting15RangerN
Radiant Sun BoltKi15Monk: Sun SoulN
Rakish AudacitySneak Attack15Rogue: SwashbucklerN
Ranger’s Companionnone15Ranger: Beast MasterN
Right Tool for the Jobnone15ArtificerN
Second-Story Worknone15Rogue: ThiefN
Shadow ArtsKi15Monk: ShadowN
Skill Proficiencynone15AnyN
Skirmishernone15Rogue: ScoutN
Spirit Seekernone15Barbarian: Totem WarriorN
Student of Warnone15Fighter: Battle MasterN
Survivalistnone15Rogue: ScoutN
Tool Proficiencynone15AnyN
Totem SpiritRage15Barbarian: Totem WarriorN
Touch of Deathnone15Monk: Long DeathN
Warrior of The Godsnone15Barbarian: ZealotN
Wild SurgeRage15Barbarian: Wild SoulN
Action Surgenone20FighterN
Assassinatenone20Rogue: AssassinN
Cunning Actionnone20RogueN
Eldritch Invocationsnone20WarlockN
Font of MagicSpell Casting20SorcererN
Hit Die Upgrade (1d12)Hit Die Upgrade (1d10)20AnyN
Infuse ItemSpell Casting20ArtificerN
Slow Fallnone20MonkN
Bardic Inspiration (1d8)Bardic Inspiration (1d6)25BardN
Font of InspirationBardic Inspiration (1d6)25BardN
Fast Movementnone25BarbarianN
Stunning StrikeKi25MonkN
Additional Magical Secretsnone30Bard: LoreN
Ancestral ProtectorsRage30Barbarian: Ancestral GuardianN
Animating PerformanceBardic Inspiration30Bard: CreationN
Battlerager ArmorMedium Armor, Rage30BattleragerN
Blessed Healernone30Cleric: LifeN
Brute Forcenone30Fighter: BruteN
Channel Divinity (2/rest)Channel Divinity (1/rest)30ClericN
Cloak of ShadowsChannel Divinity (1/rest)30Cleric: AmbitionN
Dampen Elementsnone30Cleric: NatureN
Divine Strike (cold, fire, lightning, necrotic, psychic radiant, or thunder)none30ClericY
Embodiment of The Lawnone30Cleric: OrderN
Fathomless Soulnone30Warlock: Lurker in The DeepN
Favoured Enemy (6th Level)Favoured Enemy (1st Level)30RangerN
Fool’s Insightnone30Bard: SatireN
FrenzyRage30Barbarian: BerserkerN
Guardian GraspGrasp of The Deep30Warlock: Lurker in The DeepN
Heart of The StormSpell Casting30Sorcerer: StormN
Hour of Reapingnone30Monk: Long DeathN
Inescapable Destructionnone30Cleric: DeathN
Improved Criticalnone30Fighter: ChampionN
Improved FlareWarding Flare30Cleric: LightN
Ki-Empowered StrikesKi30MonkN
Mantle of Majestynone30Bard: GlamourN
Mantle of Whispersnone30Bard: WhispersN
MetamagicFont of Magic30SorcererN
Natural Explorer (6th Level)Natural Explorer (1st Level)30RangerN
Noxious AuraKi30Monk: MercyN
One With the BladeKi, Path of The Kensei30Monk: KenseiN
Oketra’s BlessingChannel Divinity (1/rest)30Cleric: SolidarityN
Pact BoonSpell Casting30WarlockY
Potent SpellcastingSpell Casting30Cleric: AmbitionN
Protective BondEmboldening Bond30Cleric: UnityN
Read Thoughts Channel Divinity (1/rest)30Cleric: KnowledgeN
Resounding Strikenone30Cleric: ZealN
Rhona’s BlessingChannel Divinity (1/rest)30Cleric: StrengthN
Searing Arc StrikeKi30Monk: Sun SoulN
Sentinel At Death’s Doornone30Cleric: GraveN
Shadow Stepnone30Monk: ShadowN
Short Rest CastingSpell Casting30AnyN
Skill Proficiencynone30AnyN
Steps of The Bravenone30Cleric: TwilightN
Soul of The Forgenone30Cleric: ForgeN
Spell Breakernone30Cleric: ArcanaN
Storm AuraRage30Barbarian: Storm HeraldN
Storm GuideSpell Casting30Sorcerer: StormN
Thunderbolt Strikenone30Cleric: TempestN
Tipsy SwayKi30Monk: Drunken MasterN
Tool Proficiencynone30AnyY
Undeniable LogicBardic Inspiration (1d6)30Bard: EloquenceN
War God’s BlessingChannel Divinity (1/rest)30Cleric: WarN
Wholeness of Bodynone30Monk: Open HandN
Bardic Inspiration (1d10)Bardic Inspiration (1d8)35BardN
Curving ShotMagic Arrow35Fighter: Arcane ArcherN
Evasionnone35Monk or Rogue
Magic Arrownone35Fighter: Arcane ArcherN
Magical Secretsnone35BardN
Stillness of Mindnone35MonkN
Ability Score Improvementnone40AnyN
Half Casternone40AnyN
Land’s StrideNatural Explorer40RangerN
Skill Proficiencynone40AnyY
Alchemical Savantnone50Artificer: AlchemistN
Arcane Firearmnone50Artificer: ArtilleristN
Destroy UndeadChannel Divinity (1/rest)50ClericN
Empowered PsionicsSpell Casting50Wizard: PsionicsN
Extra Attacknone50FighterN
Hide In Plain Sightnone50RangerN
Mental DisciplineSpell Casting50Wizard: PsionicsN
Natural Explorer (10th Level)Natural Explorer (6th Level)50RangerY
Uncanny Dodgenone50RogueN

Skills 50 – 100

NamePrerequisitePoint CostOriginal ClassRepeat Purchase
Accursed Specternone60Warlock: HexbladeN
Alchemical CastingArcanomechanical Armor60Wizard: InventionN
Alchemical CastingSpell Secrets60Wizard: LoreN
Arcane AcolyteDivine Inspiration60Wizard: TheurgyN
Aspect of The Beastnone60Barbarian: Totem WarriorN
Astral RefugeSpell Casting60Warlock: SeekerN
Aura of Protectionnone60PaladinN
Bend LuckFont of Magic60Sorcerer: WildN
Benign Transpositionnone60Wizard: ConjurationN
Dark One’s Own Lucknone60Warlock: FiendN
Defy Deathnone60Warlock: UndyingN
Elemental AffinityDraconic Ancestor, Spell Casting60Sorcerer: DraconicN
Empowered HealingFont of Magic60Sorcerer: DivineN
Entropic Wardnone60Warlock: Great Old OneN
Expert DivinationSpell Casting60Wizard: DivinationN
Expertise (6th level)Expertise (1st level)60Bard or RogueN
Fanatical FocusRage60Barbarian: ZealotN
Fire in The VeinsSpell Casting60Sorcerer: PyromancerN
Full Casternone60AnyN
Fungal InfestationHalo of Spores60Druid: SporesN
Hearth of Moonlight and ShadowSpell Casting60Druid: DreamsN
Hound of Ill OmenFont of Magic60Sorcerer: ShadowN
Instinctive Charmnone60Wizard: EnchantmentN
Land’s Stridenone60Druid: LandN
Malleable IllusionsSpell Casting60Wizard: IllusionN
Mighty SummonerSpell Casting60Druid: ShepardN
Mindless RageRage60Barbarian: BerserkerN
Misty EscapeSpell Casting60Warlock: ArchfeyN
Momentary StasisSpell Casting60Wizard: ChronurgyN
Potent CantripSpell Casting60Wizard: EvocationN
Favoured Enemy (14th Level)Favoured Enemy (6th Level)70RangerY
Song of Rest (1d8)Song of Rest (1d6)90BardN
Song of Rest (1d10)Song of Rest (1d8)130BardN
Bardic Inspiration (1d12)Bardic Inspiration (1d10)150BardN
Song of Rest (1d12)Song of Rest (1d10)170BardN
Channel Divinity (3/rest)Channel Divinity (2/rest)180ClericN

60 Points

Power Surge (requires spell casting)
Primal Strike (requires wild shape)
Projected Ward (requires arcane ward)
Radiant Soul (requires spell casting)
Reckless Abandon (requires rage, reckless attack)
Resonant Utterance (requires extract name and spell casting)
Soul of The Raven (requires sentinel raven)
Speech Beyond The Grave
Spirit Shield (requires rage)
Storm Soul (requires storm aura)
Tool Expertise
Transmuter’s Stone (requires spell casting)
Undead Thralls (requires spell casting)
Violent Attraction (requires spell casting)

70 Points

Aura of Conquest
Aura of Devotion
Aura of Hate (requires divine sense)
Aura of The Guardian

Aura of Warding
Avatar of Speed
Battle Magic (requires bard spell list)
Blessings of The Courts (requires spellcasting)
Brutish Durability
Defensive Tactics
Divine Allegiance
Elemental Mastery (requires elemental attunement)
Ethereal Step
Exceptional Training (requires ranger’s companion)
Feral Instinct
Flash of Genius
Fool’s Luck (requires bardic inspiration)
Infectious Inspiration (requires bardic inspiration)
Iron Mind
Know Your Enemy
Master’s Flourish (requires blade flourish)
Peerless Skill (requires bardic inspiration)
Performance of Creation
Phantom Knife (requires soul knife)
Relentless Avenger
Remarkable Athlete
Shadow Lore
Supernatural Defense (requires slayer’s prey)
Unbreakable Majesty
Vanish (requires land’s stride)
Warding Maneuver

80 Points

Ability Score Improvement

85 Points

Arcane Mastery
Avatar of Battle
Blaze of Glory
Corona of Light
Enduring Unity (requires protective bond)
Improved Duplicity (requires invoke duplicity)
Improved Reaper (requires reaper)
Indomitable Defense
Keeper of Souls
Master of Nature (requires charm animals & plants)
Midnight Shroud (requires eyes of the night)
Order’s Wrath (requires divine strike)
Saint of Forge and Fire (requires soul of the forge)
Supreme Healing
Visions of The Past

90 Points

Arcane Jolt
Armor Modifications (requires power armor)
Beast Spells (requires druid spell list, wild shape)
Brutal Critical
Connect With The Dead (requires tokens of past lives)
Explosive Cannon (requires eldritch cannon)
Infiltration Expertise
Insightful Manupulator
Magical Ambush (requires spell casting)
Restorative Reagents (requires experimental elixir)
Steady Eye
Superior Mobility
Supreme Sneak
Timeless Body

100 Points

Arcane Abeyance (requires spell casting)
Arcane Priest (requires arcane acolyte)
Arcane Rebuke (requires rage)
Armor of Hexes (requires hexblades curse)
Aura of Courage (requires aura of protection)
Battlerager Charge (requires rage)
Beguiling Defenses
Celestial Resilience
Consult The Spirits
Devouring Maw
Divine Intervention
Durable Magic (requires arcane deflection)
Elemental Wild Shape (requires circle forms)
Empowered Evocation (requires spell casting)
Event Horizon (requires violent attraction)
Far Wanderer
Fiendish Resilience
Fighting Style
Focused Conjuration (requires spell casting)
Guardian Spirit (requires spirit totem)
Hidden Paths
Hold The Line
Illusory Self (requires improved minor illusion)
Improved Abjuration (requires spell casting)
Improved Combat Superiority (requires combat superiority)
Inexorable Pronouncement (requires resonant utterance)
Infectious Fury (requires form of the beast)
Intimidating Presence
Inured To Undead
Magic Item Adept
Nature’s Ward
Prodigious Inspiration (requires reckless casting)
Prodigious Memory (requires lore master and spell casting)
Purity of Body (requires ki)
Raven’s Shield
Shapechanger (requires spell casting)
Shielding Storm (requires storm soul)
Song of Defense (requires bladesong)
Spirit Walker (requires totem spirit or aspect of the beast)
Split Enchantment (requires spell casting)
Spreading Spores (requires symbiotic entity)
The Third Eye (requires portent)
Thought Shield (requires awakened mind)
Undying Nature
Watcher At The Threshold
Zealous Presence

110 Points

Bestial Fury (requires ranger’s companion)
Cloak of Shadows
Distant Strike (requires ethereal step)
Drunkard’s Luck (requires ki)
Extra Attack
Healing Technique (requires hands of healing)
Improved Divine Smite (requires divine smite)
Magic-User’s Nemesis
Mastery of Death (requires ki)
Mystic Arcanum (requires spell casting and level 11)
Relentless Rage (requires rage)
Reliable Talent

Searing Sunburst (requires ki)
Sharpen the Blade (requires one with the blade)
Spell-Storing Item
Stalker’s Flurry

120 Points

Ability Score Improvement

130 Points

Ambush Master
Elegant Maneuver
Tongue of The Sun and Moon (requires ki)
Unerring Eye (requires steady eye)
Use Magic Device
Versatile Trickster (requires mage hand legerdemain)

140 Points

Alter Memories (requires split enchantment)
Arcane High Priest (requires arcane priest)
Astral Sequestration (requires astral refuge)
Call The Hunt (requires form of the beast)
Chaotic Fury (requires wild surge)
Cleansing Touch
Command Undead (requires undead thralls)
Controlled Chaos (requires wild magic surge or reckless casting)
Convergent Future (requires chronal shift)
Create Thrall (requires awakened mind)
Dark Delirium (requires fey presence)
Deflecting Shroud (requires arcane deflection)
Diamond Soul (requires ki)
Dragon Wings (requires draconic ancestor)
Durable Summons (requires minor conjuration)
Faithful Summons
Fungal Body
Greater Portent (requires portent)
Hurl Through Hell
Illusory Reality (requires malleable illusions)
Indestructible Life (requires undying nature)
Magic Item Savant (requires magic item adept)
Master of Hexes (requires hexblade’s curse)
Master of Magic (requires prodigious memory)
Master Transmuter (requires transmuter’s stone)
Nature’s Sanctuary
Nourishing Fire (require spell casting)
Otherworldly Wings (requires divine magic)
Overchannel (requires potent cantrip)
Path’s of The Dead
Pyromancer’s Fury (requires heart of fire and fire in the veins)
Queen’s Right Hand
Rage Beyond Death (requires rage)
Raging Storm (requires storm aura)
Relentless Naming (requires resonant utterance)
Searing Vengeance
Sentinel Raven
Shadow Walk
Song of Victory (requires bladesong)
Spell Resistance
Spiked Retribution (requires battlerager armor)
Storm’s Fury
Thought Travel (requires thought form)
Thousand Forms
Totemic Attunement (requires rage)
Unleash The Depths
Vengeful Ancestors (requires spirit shield)
Walker in Dreams

150 Points

Chemical Mastery
Devastating Critical
Ever-Ready Shot (requires arcane shot)
Ferocious Charger
Fortified Position (requires eldritch cannon)
Improved Defender (requires steel defender)
Perfected Armor (requires armor model)
Persistant Rage (requires rage)
Protective Spirit
Purity of Spirit
Relentless (requires combat superiority)
Scornful Rebuke
Shadowy Dodge
Share Spells (requires ranger’s companion and spellcasting)
Slayer’s Counter (requires slayer’s prey)
Slippery Mind
Soul of Vengeance (require channel divinity – vengeance)
Spectral Defense (requires ethereal step)
Superior Critical (requires improved critical)
Superior Hunter’s Defense
Supernatural Resistance
Timeless Body (requires ki)
Undying Sentinel
Unyielding Spirit

160 Points

Ability Score Improvement

170 Points

Death Strike (requires assassinate)
Ethereal Jaunt (requires cunning action)
Eye for Weakness (require insightful fighting)
Hand of Mercy (requires healing technique)
Intoxicated Frenzy (requires ki)
Master Duelist
Quivering Palm
Spell Thief (requires spell casting)
Soul of Deceit
Sudden Strike (requires sneak attack)
Sun Shield
Thief’s Reflexes
Touch of The Long Death (requires ki)
Unerring Accuracy (requires martial arts)

180 Points

Draconic Presence (requires draconic ancestor and font of magic)
Elusive (requires evasion)
Empty Body (requires ki)
Feral Senses
Fiery Soul (requires fire in the veins)
Form of The Phoenix (requires phoenix spark)
Indomitable Might
Magic Item Master (requires magic item savant)
Spell Bombardment (requires spell casting)
Spell Mastery (requires spell casting)
Umbral Form (requires shadow walk)
Unearthly Recovery (requires empowered healing)
Vigilant Defender
Wind Soul (requires heart of the storm)

200 Points

Ability Score Improvement
Archdruid (requires wildshape)
Avenging Angel
Dread Lord (requires aura of hate)
Elder Champion
Eldritch Master (requires spell casting)
Emissary of Redemption (requires aura of the guardian)
Exalted Champion
Extra Attack
Foe Slayer (requires favored enemy)
Holy Nimbus
Invincible Conqueror
Sorcerous Restoration (requires font of magic)
Soul of Artifice (requires infuse item)
Signature Spells (requires spell casting)
Stroke of Luck (requires reliable talent)
Superior Inspiration (requires bardic inspiration)
Perfect Self (requires ki)
Primal Champion

240 Points

Ability Score Improvement
Epic Boon (page 232 of the dmg)

280 Points

Ability Score Improvement (can be taken multiple times)
Epic Boon (page 232 of the dmg)
Feat (can be taken multiple times)

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