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2 thoughts on “Smith”

  1. As of 18/05/20 your structures produced.

    Chapel – 160gp in tithes.

    Your hirelings cost 8660gp (by your calculation, I assume you took into account the clocktower, lodgings and robots/skeletons into account)

    Your schools had their grand opening, thanks to a successful promotional campaign, you managed to get a great many people excited to see what the fuss was about. As such you had a fantastic turn out for the first month. with 177 students coming along, with a fee of 4gp a day this netted you 14,160gp.

    which after wages leaves you with 5,660 profit this month.

  2. As of the 15/06/20 your structures produced.

    You have 193 students at your magic school, totalling 15,440. So It seems your first month was a great success and people told their friends!
    Your upkeep was 8660gp, so you totalled 6780gp profit.

    As of the 13/07/20 your structures produced.

    This month 2 more students signed up. totalling 195, totalling 15,600gp.
    Your upkeep was 8,660gp, earning you 6,940gp

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