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3 thoughts on “Icarium Galanacia”

  1. As of the 18/05/20 you produced,
    Tavern – 160gp in kegs, and another 40gp from various sources. You use your Clockwork servants for the two skilled hirelings.Totalling 200gp earned

    Lodgings – Your lodgings earn you 60gp

    Mark Stall – earns you 300gp.

    The Mill – Uses your 10 skeletons as unskilled, and then you use clockwork servants for the 3 Skiled hirelings. The mill makes 600gp this month.

    Making your total income, 1160gp.

  2. 15/06/20 –

    Tavern – 210gp
    Lodgings – 120gp
    Market Stall – 240gp
    Mill – 1000gp

    Totalling 1,570gp made this month

    your orcish neighbours have kept the area fairly peaceful, however you are getting even less people visiting your town as they find the orcs offputting, and dont want to risk having to pass their home. However the orcs have been making up for the loss of business by simply taking the other races place in your economy.

    13/07/20 –

    Tavern – 210gp
    Lodgings – 60gp
    Market Stall – 330gp
    Mill – 600gp

    Totalling 1,200gp made this month

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