Avatar Disciplines

Crown of Despair
Crown of Disgust
Crown of Rage
Mantle of Command
Mantle of Courage
Mantle of Fear
Mantle of Fury
Mantle of Joy

Awakened Disciplines

Aura Sight
Intellect Fortress
Mantle of Awe
Psychic Assault
Psychic Disruption
Psychic Inquisition
Psychic Phantoms
Telepathic Contact

Immortal Disciplines

Adaptive Body
Bestial Form
Brute Force
Corrosive Metabolism
Giant Growth
Iron Durability
Psionic Restoration
Psionic Weapon

Nomad Disciplines

Nomadic Arrow
Nomadic Chameleon
Nomadic Mind
Nomadic Step
Third Eye

Wu Jen Disciplines

Mastery of Air
Mastery of Fire
Mastery of Force
Mastery of Ice
Mastery of Light and Darkness
Mastery of Water
Mastery of Weather
Mastery of Wood and Earth