Prerequisite: you have the reincarnated background, which can only be obtained by reincarnating a previous character.
It provides 2 skill proficiencies, as well as 2 tool or language proficiencies (or 1 of each), chosen from those that your previous character had.
You will also get a supernatural gift of your choice, in place of a background feature.


Hit Dice: 1d6
Saving: 2 of your choice.
Skills: 2 of your choice
Misc: you then have 80 points to spend on things listed below, everything costs 10 points unless noted otherwise.

Hit Dice upgrade: 1d8, 1d10 (requires 1d8), 1d12 (requires 1d10)

Armor Proficiency: Light (+Bucklers), Medium Armor (+Shields, requires light), Heavy Armor (+Towers, requires medium)

Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Martial Weapons (requires simple), Firearms (requires simple)

A Tool Proficiency (can be taken multiple times)

A Skill Proficiency (can be taken multiple times)


Short Rest Casting – 10 point
+1 spell list – 10 point (may be taken multiple times)
Half Caster – 20 point (artificer, paladin, ranger, warlock)
Full Caster – 30 points (bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, wizard))
Psionic Powers – 40 (mystic)

When you choose one of these you must also pick a spell list that fits with the type of caster you are.
No matter what you choose, you are considered a spontaneous caster.
Additionally, you follow the amount of spell points of whichever of your spell lists provides the best. If you take full caster AND half caster, you recieve combined spell points. You may choose to have Int, Wis, or Cha be your spellcasting ability for all your spells, regardless of spell list chosen.
You know a number of spells equal to your spellcasting ability modifier + your level.


As you level you get a number of points equal to 10 x your level (lvl 1 = 10 points, lvl 2 = 20p, lvl 3 = 30p etc, totalling 60 points earned by level 3), to spend on class features. These points can be saved up and spent later, though you may not save more points than what you were awarded at your last level up.
These can also be spent to get features from the creation menu, though their costs are tripled, taking a hit dice increase can be applied retroactively. (eg if you get the 1d8 upgrade, all your previous levels hit dice, now become 1d8 and your health increases to represent this) HOWEVER caster levels are only counted from the level you took the feature.
Finally you may respec your character at level up at a cost of 10 points. (an additional ruling will be added here to prevent swapping a bunch of cheap skills for one expensive powerful one, but will still allow slight changes in the price cost of skills)

3 Points

Acolyte of Nature
Acolyte of Strength
Arcane Initiate
Blessing of Knowledge
Blessing of The Forge
Blessing of The Trickster
Circle of Mortality
Disciple of Life
Emboldening Bond
Eyes of Night
Eyes of The Grave
Priest of Zeal
Shield of The Faithful
Solidarity’s Action
Vigilant Blessing
Voice of Authority
War Priest
Warding Flame
Warding Flare
Wrath of the Storm

4 Points

Armor Model (requires power armor)
Armor Training
Awakened Talent
Battle Ready
Battlesmith Spells
Born To The Saddle
Breadth of Knowledge
Halo of Spores
Hermit’s Study
Immortal Durability
Martial Training
Power Armor
Soul Knife
Steel Defender
Symbiotic Entity (requires wild shape)
Unwavering Mark

5 Points

Alchemist Spells
Bardic Inspiration
Blade Flourish (requires bardic inspiration)
Circle Forms (requires wildshape)
Combat Wild Shape (requires wildshape)
Cunning Will
Detect Portal
Divine Sense
Dreadful Strikes
Dread Ambusher
Experimental Elixir
Favored Enemy
Fighting Style
Guardian Soul
Hands of Harm (requires ki and martial arts)
Hands of Healing (requires ki and martial arts)
Hunter’s Sense
Implements of Mercy
Lay on Hands
Magical Tinkering
Martial Arts
Natural Explorer
Natural Recovery
Piercing Thorns
Planar Warrior
Second Wind
Slayer’s Prey
Song of Rest
Speech of The Woods
Spirit Totem
Star Map
Starry Form (requires wild shape)
Summon Wildfire (requires wild shape)
Umbral Sight
Unarmored Defense (con or wis)

7 Points

Divinite Smite (requires spellcasting)

8 Points

Artillerist Spells
Channel Dvinity (Conquest, Devotion, Heroism, Redemption, Ancients, Crown, Treachery, Vengeance, or Oathbreaker)
Combat Inspiration (requires bardic inspiration)
Cutting Words (requires bardic inspiration)
Drunken Technique (requires ki)
Eldritch Cannon
Enthralling Performance
Gathered Swarm
Healing Hands (requires ki)
Mantle of Inspiration (requires bardic inspiration)
Path of Tranquility
Psychic Blades (requires bardic inspiration)
Soothing Words
Tumbling Fool
Universal Speech (requires bardic inspiration)
Words of Terror

10 Points

Arcane Abjuration (requires channel divinity)
Artisan’s Blessing (requires channel divinity)
Balm of The Summer Court
Channel Divinity
Charm Animals & Plants (requires channel divinity)
Consuming Fervor (requires channel divinity)
Danger Sense
Destructive Wrath (requires channel divinity)
Feat of Strength (requires channel divinity)
Guided Strike (requires channel divinity)
Harvest’s Scythe
Invoke Duplicity (requires channel divinity)
Jack of All Trades
Knowledge of The Ages (requires channel divinity)
Mystical Recovery (requires psionics)
Order’s Demand (requires channel divinity)
Path To The Grave (requires channel divinity)
Perserve Life (require channel divinity)
Radiance of The Dawn (requires channel divinity)
Radiant Defense (requires channel divinity)
Reckless Attack
Shared Burden (requires channel divinity)
Touch of Death (requires channel divinity)
Twilight Sanctuary (requires channel divinity)
Unarmored Movement
Wild Shape

15 Points

Arcane Archer Lore
Arcane Shot
Arms of The Astral Self (requires ki)
Combat Superiority
Deflect Missiles (requires ki)
Divine Fury (requires rage)
Divine Health
Hunter’s Prey
Lingering Magic
Note of Potential (requires bardic inspiration)
Open Hand Technique (requires ki)
Path of The Kensei (requires martial arts)
Primeval Awareness (requires spellcasting)
Radiant Sun Bolt (requires ki)
Ranger’s Companion
Right Tool for the Job
Shadow Arts (requires ki)
Spirit Seeker
Student of War
Totem Spirit (requires rage)
Touch of Death
Warrior of The Gods
Wild Surge (requires rage)

20 Points

Action Surge
Infuse Item
Slow Fall
Strength of Mind (requires wisdom save prof)

25 Points

Font of Inspiration (requires bardic inspiration)
Fast Movement
Stunning Strike (requires ki)

30 Points

Additional Magical Secrets (requires magical secrets)
Ancestral Protectors (requires rage)
Animating Performance (requires bardic inspiration)
Avatar of Battle
Battlerager Armor (requires rage)
Blessed Healer
Brute Force
Cloak of Shadows (requires channel divinity)
Dampen Elements
Divine Strike (cold, fire, lightning, necrotic, psychic radiant, or thunder)
Elemental Attunement (requires psionics)
Embodiment of The Law
Emissary of Peace
Fool’s Insight
Form of The Beast (requires rage)
Frenzy (requires rage)
Hone The Blade (requires soul knife and psionics)
Hour of Reaping
Inescapable Destruction
Improved Critical
Improved Flare (requires warding flare)
Ki-Empowered Strikes (requires ki)
Mantle of Majesty
Mantle of Whispers
Memory of One Thousand Steps (requires psionics)
Noxious Aura (requires ki)
One With the Blade (requires ki and path of the kensei)
Oketra’s Blessing (requires channel divinity)
Potent Spellcasting (requires cleric spell list)
Psionic Investigation (requires psionics)
Psionic Resilience (requires psionics)
Protective Bond (requires emboldening bond)
Read Thoughts (requires channel divinity)
Resounding Strike
Rhona’s Blessing (requires channel divinity)
Searing Arc Strike (requires ki)
Sentinel At Death’s Door
Shadow Step
Steps of The Brave
Soul of The Forge
Spell Breaker
Storm Aura (requires rage)
Thunderbolt Strike
Tipsy Sway (requires ki)
Undeniable Logic (requires bardic inspiration)
Visage of The Astral Self (requires arms of the astral self)
War God’s Blessing (requires channel divinity)
Wholeness of Body

35 Points

Curving Shot (requires magic arrow)
Magic Arrow
Magical Secrets
Stillness of Mind

40 Points

Ability Score Improvement
Land’s Stride (requires natural explorer)
Potent Psionics (requires psionics)

50 Points

Alchemical Savant
Arcane Firearm
Destroy Undead (requires channel divinity)
Extra Attack
Hide In Plain Sight

60 Points

Arcane Dabbler (requires psionics)
Aspect of The Beast
Aura of Protection
Avatar of Healing
Bestial Soul (requires form of the beast)
Consumptive Knife (requires soul knife and psionics)
Cosmic Omen (requires star map)
Enhanced Bond (requires summon wildfire)
Fanatical Focus (requires rage)
Fungal Infestation
Hearth of Moonlight and Shadow
Land’s Stride
Magic Reserve
Mighty Summoner
Mindless Rage (require rage)
Primal Strike (requires wild shape)
Psionic Surge (requires psionics)
Reckless Abandon (requires rage, reckless attack)
Speech Beyond The Grave
Spirit Shield (requires rage)
Storm Soul (requires storm aura)
Superior Teleportation (requires psionics)
Surge of Health (requires psionic resilence)
Tool Expertise

70 Points

Ancient Fortitude (requires guardian soul)
Aura of Conquest
Aura of Devotion
Aura of Hate (requires divine sense)
Aura of The Guardian
Aura of Treachery
Aura of Warding
Avatar of Speed
Battle Magic (requires bard spell list)
Blessings of The Courts (requires spellcasting)
Brutish Durability
Defensive Tactics
Divine Allegiance
Effortless Journey (requires psionics)
Elemental Mastery (requires elemental attunement)
Ethereal Step
Exceptional Training (requires ranger’s companion)
Feral Instinct
Flash of Genius
Fool’s Luck (requires bardic inspiration)
Immortal Will (requires psionic resilience)
Infectious Inspiration (requires bardic inspiration)
Iron Mind
Know Your Enemy
Master’s Flourish (requires blade flourish)
Mighty Deed
Peerless Skill (requires bardic inspiration)
Performance of Creation
Phantom Knife (requires soul knife)
Relentless Avenger
Remarkable Athlete
Shadow Lore
Spectral Form (requires psionics)
Supernatural Defense (requires slayer’s prey)
Unbreakable Majesty
Vanish (requires land’s stride)
Warding Maneuver
Writhing Tide (requires gathered swarm)

80 Points

Ability Score Improvement

85 Points

Arcane Mastery
Avatar of Battle
Blaze of Glory
Corona of Light
Enduring Unity (requires protective bond)
Improved Duplicity (requires invoke duplicity)
Improved Reaper (requires reaper)
Indomitable Defense
Keeper of Souls
Master of Nature (requires charm animals & plants)
Midnight Shroud (requires eyes of the night)
Order’s Wrath (requires divine strike)
Saint of Forge and Fire (requires soul of the forge)
Supreme Healing
Visions of The Past

90 Points

Arcane Jolt
Armor Modifications (requires power armor)
Beast Spells (requires druid spell list, wild shape)
Brutal Critical
Explosive Cannon (requires eldritch cannon)
Restorative Reagents (requires experimental elixir)
Timeless Body

100 Points

Arcane Rebuke (requires rage)
Aura of Courage (requires aura of protection)
Battlerager Charge (requires rage)
Consult The Spirits
Consumptive Power (requires psionics)
Divine Intervention
Elemental Wild Shape (requires circle forms)
Fighting Style
Flames of Life (requires summon wildfire)
Full of Stars (requires starry form)
Guardian Spirit (requires spirit totem)
Hidden Paths
Hold The Line
Improved Combat Superiority (requires combat superiority)
Infectious Fury (requires form of the beast)
Intimidating Presence
Magic Item Adept
Nature’s Ward
Purity of Body (requires ki)
Shielding Storm (requires storm soul)
Spirit Walker (requires totem spirit or aspect of the beast)
Spreading Spores (requires symbiotic entity)
Watcher At The Threshold
Zealous Presence

110 Points

Awakening of The Astral Self (requires visage of the astral self)
Beguiling Twist
Bestial Fury (requires ranger’s companion)
Cloak of Shadows
Distant Strike (requires ethereal step)
Douse the Flames of War
Drunkard’s Luck (requires ki)
Extra Attack
Healing Technique (requires hands of healing)
Improved Divine Smite (requires divine smite)
Magic-User’s Nemesis
Mastery of Death (requires ki)
Psionic Mastery (requires psionics)
Relentless Rage (requires rage)
Rooted Defense (requires guardian soul)
Scuttling Eyes (requires gathered swarm)
Searing Sunburst (requires ki)
Sharpen the Blade (requires one with the blade)
Spell-Storing Item
Stalker’s Flurry

120 Points

Ability Score Improvement

130 Points

Tongue of The Sun and Moon (requires ki)

140 Points

Blazing Endurance (requires summon wildfire)
Call The Hunt (requires form of the beast)
Chaotic Fury (requires wild surge)
Cleansing Touch
Diamond Soul (requires ki)
Faithful Summons
Fungal Body
Magic Item Savant (requires magic item adept)
Nature’s Sanctuary
Path’s of The Dead
Rage Beyond Death (requires rage)
Raging Storm (requires storm aura)
Spiked Retribution (requires battlerager armor)
Star Flare
Thousand Forms
Totemic Attunement (requires rage)
Vengeful Ancestors (requires spirit shield)
Walker in Dreams

150 Points

Blackguard’s Escape
Chemical Mastery
Devastating Critical
Ever-Ready Shot (requires arcane shot)
Ferocious Charger
Fortified Position (requires eldritch cannon)
Glorious Defense
Guardian Aura (requires guardian soul)
Improved Defender (requires steel defender)
Misty Presence
Perfected Armor (requires armor model)
Persistant Rage (requires rage)
Protective Spirit
Purity of Spirit
Relentless (requires combat superiority)
Scornful Rebuke
Shadowy Dodge
Share Spells (requires ranger’s companion and spellcasting)
Slayer’s Counter (requires slayer’s prey)
Soul of Vengeance (require channel divinity – vengeance)
Spectral Defense (requires ethereal step)
Storm of Minions (required gathered swarm)
Superior Critical (requires improved critical)
Superior Hunter’s Defense
Supernatural Resistance
Timeless Body (requires ki)
Undying Sentinel
Unyielding Spirit

160 Points

Ability Score Improvement

170 Points

Anger of a Gentle Soul
Complete Astral Self (requires awakening of the astral self)
Hand of Mercy (requires healing technique)
Intoxicated Frenzy (requires ki)
Quivering Palm
Sun Shield
Touch of The Long Death (requires ki)
Unerring Accuracy (requires martial arts)

180 Points

Empty Body (requires ki)
Feral Senses
Indomitable Might
Magic Item Master (requires magic item savant)
Vigilant Defender

200 Points

Ability Score Improvement (can be taken multiple times)
Avenging Angel
Dread Lord (requires aura of hate)
Elder Champion
Emissary of Redemption (requires aura of the guardian)
Exalted Champion
Extra Attack
Feat (can be taken multiple times)
Foe Slayer (requires favored enemy)
Holy Nimbus
Icon of Deceit (requires blackguards escape)
Invincible Conqueror
Living Myth (requires mighty deed)
Soul of Artifice (requires infuse item)
Superior Inspiration (requires bardic inspiration)
Perfect Self (requires ki)
Primal Champion
Psionic Body (requires psionic mastery)

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